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Re: 3J Improved Production coupe- Racing Videos & Progress

Subject: Re: 3J Improved Production coupe- Racing Videos & Progress
by mcgee on 2016/4/2 12:04:04

Update, Things are not good.
All Conrod bearing have delaminated. ACL Race series manufactured in 2013. There is no reason for this to have happened, triple checked clearances, and doing a quick internet search it seems to be too common with ACL in the last few years.
Crank bearings looked ok but some of the delaminated Conrod material can be seen causing some scoring on the surface of these.

Other issues include Exhaust manifold mounting face was not flat and lifted on Cyl 4, as a result the exhaust gases from No 4 burnt through the metal exhaust gasket on that cylinder. After the Qualifying off the turbo was rattled loose (Easy fix).

Haven't looked at the rear end too much yet but know all the mounting brackets are bent, as too is the trans tunnel (collapsed where the handbrake goes, this is where I have my tail shaft loop mounted so it may have got caught on something).

Plan is to get new bearing for the engine and new Head Gasket and put it back together.
Am planning on converting the rear into a "4 link" setup and watts linkage space permitting.
Unfortunately this will probably take most of the 2016 race season to do.