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Re: Datsun 1200 A15 build

Subject: Re: Datsun 1200 A15 build
by loosekid on 2012/7/30 5:12:39


Yeah that's awesome, I have an a15 on the way. If only j had the money for a set of brand New carbs! It's almost cheaper to go EFI!!!!!!
Will this car just end up being a weekender or what??

Umm to be honest i am still unsure what i will be doing.. With some issues with my daily currently and really no other funds to go out and burn on another daily.

My first car i had was a Toyota surf in which i regret selling as i completed a Toyota Soarer engine swap (1UZ-FE) with a snake suspension upgrade and 3inch body lift in which i sold to a mate for $6000.00, still have no clue why i sold it.

But now my old man gave me his old EB ford in which now has 300K + kilometres on it and has latly been blowing white smoke and burning oil and with alot of my cash gone into the Datsun its really the only viable Daily as the EB looks like it may die soon and need a rebuild or i may put some cash into it and possibly put a windsor in as my brother just removed his out of his XC Ute.

Certainly going to be very reluctant to running my baby as a daily as i never know what may happen when its left parked for work or something out in the weather, guess ill have to wait and see over the next couple months

i'd preferably rather it as a weekend cruiser, and that one off drive during the week as i am just too scared what some dickhead may do to it