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Re: Datsun 1200 A15 build

Subject: Re: Datsun 1200 A15 build
by loosekid on 2013/2/8 4:55:54

I have not really put many updates in here lately regarding the ute..

These past few weeks i have got the ute running the way i want, tuned nicely and taken it for a quick lap around the block (clearly not legal no glass and just extractors)

Had some great difficulties bleeding the rear brakes for some odd reason, but got them all bled up but it certainly isnt working the best.. pulled apart the master cylinder and it shows to be alright on the valve and all springs are ok and checked the transfer box along with all the lines.. but looks like ill just change it out to be safe and also change the lines, even though it was a brand new one from datsport so unsure...

The newest and greatest news over the past 3 weeks is that i have taken the ute down to my good mate for auto trimming work at hume (canberra) bitch'n stitch'n to have the dash, roof, ute tub, door trims, centre console all trimmed

The roof liner and a/b pilars are covered in an black vinyl with a red stitching along with the door trims and dash.. (original vinyl for period correct)

The Tub is being completly done in marine carpet for the sides and tray for a nice clean look, the interior is being finished off today and the ute goes in to power tone exhaust on monday :)

So once i get it back next week just a few minor things to do i.e put in the new coil overs in..

Then its a matter of getting it engineered