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Re: Datsun 1200 ute A15 build - Now EFI TURBO

Subject: Re: Datsun 1200 ute A15 build - Now EFI TURBO
by loosekid on 2019/6/11 10:04:20

NFNR Manifold from South Africa Modified for my needs from williem cost me $1300.00 thats with no injectors or any of the AN fittings check valves ect.

The turbo manifold a close mate does fabrication for work and made the manifold along with another mates manifold as a high mount for a T2871 turbo
The manifolds only cost me the price of the steampipe which was really nothing i designed the collector and had it cut

You wont find anything really on FB of prices or what not but if your really interested in the NFNR parts i have contact numbers for a bloke who is doing the import of the parts and postage to your door. The guys have everything you could need for what you may want i did most myself as many of the things they do i wanted top shelf items verse there simple crank trigger setup from a voxel astra and having tiny Fuel line setups, they dont have the parts or resources we do like with haltech at our door or being able to just drop into rocketperformance and get speedflow fittings.

Happy to answer any questions of further detail on the build, wiring ect