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kennyboys 1200 turbo

Subject: kennyboys 1200 turbo
by kennyboy on 2012/10/9 8:36:53

hi guys, been browsing for a few weeks now and finally joined up.
short back story, i bought i 1980 1200 injected t 25 turbo ute. proceeded to wrap it round a pole. bent chassis and body is ruined.
so i bought another bunky 1985 ute and will be stripping it down and restoring it.
i will be building it up over the next few months, hopefully not extended it past 6 months.

so list goes-
1170 motor that has been recently rebuilt
fuel injection
t25 turbo
5 speed box
4.11 diff gears

have a set of disc brakes for the front and a brake master from another model im unsure of.

anyone done a turbo conversion them selves feel free to offer advice as ive never done anything on turbo cars.

anyway pleasure to be along and ill no doubt be robbing ideas of some of you