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Re: 1977 Datsun 120Y Sedan Build

Subject: Re: 1977 Datsun 120Y Sedan Build
by xcsteve on 2013/4/29 14:34:48

Done some work to the datto this weekend.
Cleaned the seats up and vinyl dyed them black. Came up mint, almost look brand new!

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Done some high fill and a coat of surface primer over most the car just got the front guards to do.

Went to a swap meet and found a Camaro chin lip, fits quiet nice on the datto and looks pretty good, its a little small but looks okay. Only sitting in place in the photos.

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Also went and looked at a donor car for my datto tonight. Want to swap back to standard guards, not liking the flared look and has a mint engine and manual box in it so I wont have to rebuild mine. Picking it up Thursday night and hoping to have it in and running that night or end of Friday at the latest. Then prime the guards then off to paint in a week or two.

Ordering new carpet as I type this then just to to tidy up the pillar trims and roof lining and the interior will be mint!

Finally moving forward with this build! if all goes to plan should be running by Friday and painted within a fortnight then on to road!

Also got a heap of a12 and 120Y stuff for sale. A12 engine, auto and manual gearbox, whole car of parts check my topics for details.

Also with the Yen being very good atm Ive been bidding like crazy on wheels, unfortunately looks like everyone else is too and they are will to spend more then me :( I did however win a pair of SSR Techno Phantoms. Not the best sizes but theyre rare and they will be widened.

SSR Techno Phantoms-
14x6.5 + 5

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And after I restore then will look like this-
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