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Re: my new ride 1200 ute

Subject: Re: my new ride 1200 ute
by mrbarista on 2017/7/11 11:53:27

I like to check in here and update where im at with this car.

All of the turbo gear is off getting ceramic coated and powder coated. 1, because of heat and 2, because for some stupid reason i tried to make the car look pretty and can just stop now.

Ditched the water methanol kit as it was over complicated, another system to maintain in the car and much more power is to be had on e85. Even though we only get it in drums up here.

First round of flares arrived..i hated them! So i got in touch with Steve Darheim who made me a specific set like on his race car.

Still waiting on the rb gearbox adaptor to arrive which is halting the plans to install the stroker and turbo gear. grrrr!

Against my better judgement i installed some rather expensive 7inch led head lights with halo rings and flashing amber turn signals. Super easy to install and the light quality is just unreal. Im not a fan of the look when the lights are off but when the DRL are on it look good...growing on to come!

Now looking at some wider of the most painful things to get right!