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Re: my new ride 1200 ute

Subject: Re: my new ride 1200 ute
by mrbarista on 2018/9/8 3:51:24

Bit more of an update for those that don't follow elsewhere.

Well since the last post there has been some notable changes once again.

-Hi-octane motorsports rb trigger kit was modified to work with the ca18det
-New struts and brake setup from supafatto
-Rear roll cage in the tray
-Methanol Injection setup for more boost
-Diff gears reverted to 4.11 from 3.7
-rear handbrake setup modified to actually work properly
-new brake lines
-tunes x 2. I post trigger kit install, one post meth install.
-Harnesses, clubman style

After the trigger kit install we got some clean power runs on the dyno and picked up 30hp without any changes to the tune. Amazing how much difference a clean trigger signal can improve everything. The car then ran an 11.6 at the drag strip on toyo proxes r888r with a 2.4 sec 60ft and top mph of 125.

Methanol injection with a twin nozzle post intercooler setup gained me another 60hp with a light spray and allowing me to increase boost an extra 7psi safely to 28psi. Timing was not touched and there is def more to explore with this setup but in its current state if the system was to fail it will not blow my engine up. The cooling benefits are unreal. On wot im seeing sub zero temps on the air inlet temp sensor which is positioned behind the throttle plate. I cannot recommend a simple meth kit enough even just for cooling and cylinder head cleaning purposes even without a tune for it.

Safety had been playing on my mind and after seeing some images of a fellow owners accident i decided to put a half cage in the rear. Although not full proof it is still legal in qld and adds a layer of safety that was not there before.

The goal now is to compete in the sprints and hill climbs in townsville...driving to the event and back.

Ill post up some more pics soon.