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Re: Datsunbeginner becomes an expert - Vanilla ute build

Subject: Re: Datsunbeginner becomes an expert - Vanilla ute build
by datsunbeginner on 2013/5/27 5:51:24

So for the past few months I have been buying and collecting my parts for the rebuild and the L series conversion.

So far I have:

Pair of Dellorto DHLA 40's being rebuilt by Sanitora Works
SSS 5 speed dogleg Stanza gearbox
Pair of 180b disc brake front struts
Stanza crossmember
L-series engine heads
Maddat steering box brace
Autotechnica steering wheel and adaptor
Autotechnica Racing Seats

No complete motor as of yet.

I have also been planning to paint the underside of the car shell because it was never coated by the previous owner from what I can tell. Except for the new floor sills which were primed. For this I have bought a U-Pol Raptor Liner kit and am planning to spray the underside with a Schutz gun. I have prepped the underside with a scour pad and wax/grease remover along with Etch Primer. Spent a whole weekend on my back prepping it all and priming.

The current dillema is how to get enough clearance underneath to paint the whole thing. I have borrowed a rottiserrie from a fellow car enthusiest but without significant modifications to it, there is no way I can get the shell onto it.

I think I may resort to painting the underside of the tray first. Then assembling the rear end. Then locking the rear tyres in place and raising the front end up with an engine hoist to finish the paint job.

Also in addition I have been testing the wire loom for continuity. Also have been restoring some parts with a coat of gloss black epoxy enamel paint including the diff, steering bits, sway bar, radius rods, cowl grilles, rear brake covers, leaf springs, and some other parts.