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wagon body work

Subject: wagon body work
by nickmitty on 2019/12/2 4:41:17

Finally decided re-prime my wagon so I can put it into deep storage
I had bought it many years ago in WA off a gent that assured me , it was straight and practically rust free in primer. Done nice and proper.
It sat garaged and in the last year and a bit , it has sat outside under a tarp . I noticed it is deteriorating quickly.
I am moving over sea,s around late Feb next year and it was a tough decision not to scrap it.
So I ran up the local panel beater to come give me a quote !! I explained over the phone, its been under the tarp outside, the wagon was just starting to get a bit of surface rust and a bubble here n there . Sent him a few photos. We were talking around $2000 to rub back and prime including the engine bay.
The panel beater turns up and after walking around inspecting and waving a magnet tells me "" No Thanks "" its riddled with rust and bog , and to send it to Datsun heaven.
Well after flipping a coin , Ive given myself 3 mths and a budget of $40K to bring Lazareth back from the dead. I,d say half will be in body repair and paint... Time to go "" Ol School "" Coachbuilder !!

Stage 1 is to strip back and have a look