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Re: Perth ute

Subject: Re: Perth ute
by perthute on 2020/5/4 4:50:27

managed to score an A14 and 5speed over the weekend :)
the A14 is apparently bored out, head looks brand new , pistons, rods and crank all look brand new / freshly machined.
so hopefully its all good, kinda weird it didnt have a timing chain. so i have a fair list of parts to find to get it complete , if anyone local has the following parts hit me up :)
1. Tailshaft 2.Rocker arm bolts 3. Carbies to suit the mani 4. Sandwich plate , flywheel and clutch 5. Gearbox crossmember 6. Oil pump bolts 7. Front timing cover bolts 8. alt bracket and alternator 9. Radiator
will most likely buy clutch n rad brand new but u never know what unfinished projects are around