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Re: Bumblebee

Subject: Re: Bumblebee
by Steversa on 2022/3/16 16:31:02

A few weeks ago I heard a ticking noise coming from the distributor. I took the cap off and cleaned it out and the cleaned some dust in the distributor.
I put everything together and took the cabby for a drive. No problems other than sluggish.

I hooked up the timing light to check the markings and it was idling @ 20 degrees. So I adjusted the timing to 10 degrees. took it for a drive and I had less power. I tried advancing the timing to see if I could correct it. No joy.

Long story short.
In the past few weeks I have serviced the carb(china mall carb). This was mainly due to the fact that the idle screw had no effect on the engine's behaviour.
Replaced the (electronic) distributor leads after they fell part after I removed them from the distributor cap.
Tested the ignition coil.
Redid the timing a dozen times. Using the timing marks all over the crank pulley.
Tried setting the timing with the tappet cover off to make sure I am in compression stroke.

What am I missing with this process?

I have gone through the wiki and used the best practices on the wiki.
I have Youtubed this thing to the point I dont want to see another engine bay.

This simple engine will not start regardless of what I do.