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'72 Coupe FS - Oakland CA
Home away from home
2007/10/28 20:41
From Tehachapi, California
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Posts: 486
OMG! Beautiful. All that nastiness and it still has the stock A12 & 4-speed! ... dm-flared/6719076528.html

Posted on: 2018/10/11 6:40
'73 1200 coupe vintage racecar
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red 1972 Coupe FS - Oakland Calfornia USA
2001/5/3 7:04
From Hawaii, USA
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1972 Datsun 1200, JDM, flared fenders, roll bar,Atara wheels, and more $10,000

Attach file:

jpg  01.jpg (127.25 KB)
174_5bc0eca2f03da.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  02.jpg (152.08 KB)
174_5bc0eca966118.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  03.jpg (145.84 KB)
174_5bc0ecb1e8423.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  04 sedan seat.jpg (155.33 KB)
174_5bc0ecb891dac.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  05 atara wheels.jpg (135.32 KB)
174_5bc0ecc5ba003.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  06 room lamp.jpg (86.96 KB)
174_5bc0ecca64da1.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  07.jpg (162.08 KB)
174_5bc0ecd7ace6b.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  08.jpg (146.77 KB)
174_5bc0ece03a3f9.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  09.jpg (128.89 KB)
174_5bc0ece567a21.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  10.jpg (136.55 KB)
174_5bc0ecf2906fe.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  11.jpg (132.49 KB)
174_5bc0ecf74a1a1.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  12.jpg (122.24 KB)
174_5bc0ecfe3eb3d.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  13.jpg (135.73 KB)
174_5bc0ed0c42f73.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  14.jpg (145.47 KB)
174_5bc0ed12ccbf6.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  15.jpg (140.22 KB)
174_5bc0ed1d915b2.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  16.jpg (122.36 KB)
174_5bc0ed2370e0e.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  17.jpg (140.69 KB)
174_5bc0ed2d086ef.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  18.jpg (138.18 KB)
174_5bc0ed357af03.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  19.jpg (161.79 KB)
174_5bc0ed3ad5faa.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  20.jpg (130.17 KB)
174_5bc0ed5081515.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  21.jpg (144.28 KB)
174_5bc0ed57cf9a3.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  22.jpg (142.07 KB)
174_5bc0ed5de6a9e.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  23.jpg (131.88 KB)
174_5bc0ed63ce54c.jpg 1200X900 px

jpg  24.jpg (114.37 KB)
174_5bc0ed693682e.jpg 1200X900 px

Posted on: 2018/10/12 19:48
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Re: red 1972 Coupe FS - Oakland Calfornia USA
Home away from home
2012/2/13 1:54
From Mordialloc
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Posts: 683

So nice - that should go straight to 'Coupes unite'

Posted on: 2018/10/14 22:19
'79 B120 (TURBO EFI A15 + 60 ser.5spd )
'83 Clubman 7 with worked A15 + 63A 5spd
'73 1200 Coupe Mild A15 5spd lsd

keep it simple
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