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#11 Re: 235-45-13 ,235-50-13 tires
jaimecidpedro Posted on: 2002/7/11 4:25
That is cool. Let me know about the price for 2 tires,235/50/13. Thanks a lot for the data.

#10 Re: 235-45-13 ,235-50-13 tires
stirlingmac Posted on: 2002/7/10 23:09
Yep they are a street tyre. They were really popular with the sreet machine crowd until the size of rims became the "in" thing. They are a really good handling tyre with plenty of grip and a really nice low profile. They are lower than the old BFG 235 50 13.

#9 Re: 235-45-13 ,235-50-13 tires
jaimecidpedro Posted on: 2002/7/10 21:48
Hy everybody. Stirlingmac,you say the 235-50-13 tires are available new? Are these street tires? because as we all know, racing tires will melt down on the street. I have 13X8 wheels all around on 215-50-13 tires from Sumitomo tires,the 235/50/13's would be for the rear,the front will stay on 215/50/13,the 235's would be too much for the front,but the rear is in need of more grip. If I get the tires,I might (after testing them,the 235's on the 13X8 wheels)... make 2 new wheels for the rear,13X9 or 10,so the 235's sit well. I will show pics of the 235's on 8's,from there we will proceed. Perhaps the 13X8 will be oK. Let me know if the 235-50-13 are streetable,I would like two,as of now,I am sure we can even start a business,because a lot of people are going to like them.

#8 Re: 235-45-13 ,235-50-13 tires
dimlight65 Posted on: 2002/7/10 14:05
A word of warning! If those tires are not DOT legal, you won't be able to get the car inspected. You might want to hold on to a set of DOT tires mounted up for just such an occasion. Oh, and cops might look at the sidewall if you get pulled over. Just something to think about.

#7 Re: 235-45-13 ,235-50-13 tires
Will Posted on: 2002/7/10 2:48
That sounds like an excellent deal I was offered 4 185/60/14s directionalsNZ$500. I decided that with still the std A12 providing the motorvation I didn't really need the directionals. Ended out getting them for NZ$290 which seemed to be an unbeatable price in Nelson.

#6 Re: 235-45-13 ,235-50-13 tires
stirlingmac Posted on: 2002/7/10 1:06
Hey Jamie,
Good news , the Bridgestone Eagers are still available. My friendly tyre guy can do a deal on 2 off 215 50 13s & 2 off 235 50 13s brand new for US$500.00 plus freight. I would reccomend using the narrower tyre on the front for clearance reasons and also on a light car the wider tyres tend to lose grip in the wet. Let me know if you want some.


jaimecidpedro wrote:
Anybody in New zeland or Australia knows where to find this size tires? In US they are not available,but Will said they could be around in NZ. If they are available,some store,company,business I could contact would be great.
Help on this one .

#5 Re: 235-45-13 ,235-50-13 tires
Guacamobile Posted on: 2002/7/3 19:07

Thanks for the warning--I may have my facts mixed up, I'll find out what I've got being built and make sure!



#4 Re: 235-45-13 ,235-50-13 tires
benny Posted on: 2002/7/3 3:25
i would be cautious using 195/50/15's on a 7 inch wide rim as the tyre is rated for 6 inch (6.5 inch absolute max) wide rims.

#3 Re: 235-45-13 ,235-50-13 tires
jaimecidpedro Posted on: 2002/7/2 20:16
Cool Greg,let me know when you are ready,ups or fedex is not expensive,it is like 25 $ or so.E-mail me when you feel ready.No rush.

#2 Re: 235-45-13 ,235-50-13 tires
Guacamobile Posted on: 2002/7/2 17:18
Hey Jaime!

I just wanted to give you an update on my tires...

I'm having custom wheels built down in Calif, and they will be 15X7 with a pretty big offset to make the tires stick out to my fender walls....

The tires I'll be getting for the new wheels will be P195 50R 15's...

I haven't forgotten that you might still be interested in the P235 50R 13's...the tread is so-so, but if you have them re-capped for racing, that might be pretty decent?

We just have to figure out a way to get them down to Calif for ya!

Talk to you later,


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