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Where Did My News Post Go?
updated Nov 8, 2006

Ah, good question. News is a moderated part of the Web site. This means that when you submit a News post, it doesn't immediately go onto the site. It will be reviewed by a moderator (which means me), and if it judged to be a Newsworthy item will be published Please be patient and allow up to a week for the News to be posted. If it is urgent news, feel free to send email to notify me. I check my email more often than the site.

News articles appear on the site's Home Page, at the bottom of the page. After a while, when they are no longer current, they will be moved to the Archived section.
How do I view the News items?
When I click the "News" link on the Home Page, it just reloads the home page. What's up with that?

Well actually... the Home Page is the news page ( But yes, there is a special News section for newsworthy items.

News articles appear on the site's Home Page, at the bottom of the page. After a while, when they are no longer current, they will be moved to the News Archive.

When you click "News" and the home page reloads, next to "News" you will see two items:
  • Submit News
  • Archive
You can use the Archive link to wade through each month, but there's a better way: Use these links:
    Current News (if any, will appear at bottom of page).
What makes a *newsworthy* item?
The News is appropriate for events or information that you would like to be displayed on the home page for a while. It is good for temporary "sticky" topics.

You probably should post most types of news in the Meetings or Main forums. But items of more import may be submitted as News. Including:
  • Local, State, Regional or National Datsun meeting announcements
  • Announcements about Races or racing events where a Datsun 1200 is scheduled to attend
  • Important news about
  • News about club Celebrities
  • Notices about stolen Datsun 1200s
  • Others? Submit it or ask me first. We can discuss it.
Submit a News item here: Submission Page. I suggest you first post it in the Main, Meetings or Classifieds forum, then submit a News item for the same info and mention the existing post. I will try to hot link it into the News item so people can discuss it.

What is not appropriate for News?
  • Classified Ads or "wanted" ads. Instead, you may post an ad in the Classifieds forum
  • Cars for sale (see above)
  • Parts for sale, either your own or on eBay, trader, etc (see above)
  • Requests for help. Instead post a question in the forums
  • Questions (see above). A question is not news, is it?
  • Followups about meetings --after the meeting is over. These can be discussed in the Meeting forums. However if a meeting News item is not hot linked to the forum, let me know and I'll try to update the original News item
  • A cool web site you found. This is more appropriate for the Web Links section, or discuss it in the forums
Comments? Send me a PM or email.
Is "my new car" newsworthy?
I'm not sure it is appropriate for the News section. I guess we could start a discussion in the Content forum to discuss whether this is "newsworthy" for the site.

Some suggestions for where to advertise your new Datsun b-car:
* Main Forum post
* Off-topic Forum (for non-1200s)
* Club member Signature
* Your Wiki page. Click here for an example: About me and my car (afterwards, login to edit your own page)

I have mixed feelings about whether car purchases are newsworthy. But for things like:
* dattodude's project goes to the dyno
* Afracer's SR20 runs for the first time
... These are epic projects of interest to the whole site. What's your opinion on Newsworthy?

The comments are owned by the poster. We aren't responsible for their content.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/9/2 18:22  Updated: 2011/9/2 18:22
Just popping in
Joined: 2009/7/9
Posts: 1
 77 datsun b210 a14
I'm working on the head of this A14 and had the valve spring retaing cap fly into ths bushes and can't find it . were can i get another retainer cap?? thank you sid

Poster Thread
Posted: 2011/11/10 3:30  Updated: 2011/11/10 3:30
Joined: 2001/5/3
From: 48 North
Posts: 31575
 Re: 77 datsun b210 a14
Hi Sid, you may ask your question in the Main forum.