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Table of Contents

What's the best scanner settings?
For our club Photo Album, the maximum file size is 200k (about what most 1024 x 768 scans are). So scan on small settings.

* JPEG image type (IMPORTANT)
* 150 DPI for small documents
* 100 DPI for full size sheets (Letter/A4)
* 75 DPI for large documents (Legal or A3 size)
* Color or Grayscale (not B/W)
* Scan at 100% size. If your DPI is set correctly you will have no size problems.

Be sure to save your scans in JPG format (or later convert them to JPG format) so that you can upload them to the Photo Album. JPG will compress the image, so that it fits into the Photo Album's maximum permitted 200kb file size. This 200kb limit permits a full-color JPG image of around 1.3 megapixel, which is plenty big to read most text, even small text. Note that JPG sizes vary, but generally a 1024x768 will always be under 200kb and sometimes a 1280x1024 will fit in under 200kb.

Note that a Letter-sized sheet (8.5x11 inches) at 150 dpi will result in 1650 pixels high, which may be too large for the photo album. Instead, try 100 DPI. You should still be able to read small print at 100 dpi. By comparison, printed photographs are typically printed at 150 dpi.
Scanning Magazine Pages
Please limit magazine scans to Datsun 1200-related information.

For good readability, scan at 100 dpi. Use about 65% JPEG compression (35% quality). It should be just under 200k file size, and readable but not perfect.
If it still too big (more than 200,000 bytes), crop the edges of the magazine from the scanned image.

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How to remove greyish/faded look?
Use the White Balance feature of your scanner. Check the scanner's manual for details.

Often this is a little button in the scanning software that you click, then click a part of the preview that should be white. It will correct the entire scanned image.

Some scanning software has a fade-correction feature, which may be useful for faded photographs.
What about sharpness settings?
Generally, sharpness settings are not needed. It is mostly used for photographs that are a slight bit blurry. When scanning documents, you can leave Sharpness OFF.
Can I scan an entire book?
You might scan an entire book, however our club cannot accept scans of copyrighted books. This generally mean Factory Service Manuals or other books are not acceptable to post to this club site.

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