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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Nissan Vehicles

The Nissan 240RS was a special homologation version of the Nissan S110 Silvia powered by the legendary FJ24 16-valve engine. About 200 were produced to enable Group B rally racing.

See also: FJ engine swap
240RS site:jp
240RS site:nz
1983-1985 240RS
* B = FJ24 2.4 liter engine
* S110 = 2nd-gen Silvia

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tsillay's 240RS from New Zealand
3255.jpgAlbum 3255

When the Nissan Dealer Team finished up in NZ they left all the spares from the works cars, although the 240's themselves went overseas. Two B310 sunny's were built, using all the 240 parts, one was built using the GroupA Bluebird parts. I got the first of the Sunny's ... I picked up a low mileage SilviaRS shell, which had been stripped for a project. I got all the original FRP panels from the same guys who ran the works cars... it's a SilviaRS that's been upgraded with 240 parts

4825.jpgAlbum 4825 7581.jpgAlbum 7581 4825.jpgAlbum 4825 1169.jpgAlbum 1169 

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