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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

1200 Disc Brake Swap

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Brake Modifications

Swapping your front drum brakes to disc brakes is a worthwile easy upgrade.


If your 1200 has all-drum brakes, take note that disc brakes are:

  • easier to work on
  • Do not need adjustment every three months. Although it's true that discs do not stop any faster than correctly adjusted drums, who has time to adjust the brakes?
  • More resistant to fading -- safer after repeated stops (they dissipate heat far better)

Swapping 1200 drums for discs is easy if you obtain the entire strut/spring/brake assemblies for both sides. Just bolt in the new assembly and bleed the front brakes.

If you already have a dual-outlet Brake Master Cylinder just remove the Residual Valve from the Front section. If your 1200 has a single-outlet master, for safety's sake obtain the dual-brake master cylinder along with its front brake hard-lines.

Why not bolt the disc brakes onto the drum-brake struts? Because the drum-brake struts do not have caliper mounting brackets.


B110 "Standard" models used front drum brakes (most Aussie sedans are STD models). You can simply bolt the disc-brake struts together with brake assembly directly onto a STD car. You will also need the master cylinder and brake lines. All coupes came with disc brakes.

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