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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

B140 Review

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Magazine Articles | Tech Section | B140

Magazine article

Hardware Retail October 1997
Nissan 1400 Pickup Road Test


Nissan's legendary 1400 pickup has been around for many years in Africa and still retains its popularity. It is still the only rear-wheel drive half-tonner, combining dependability with workhorse characteristics, and it's here to stay until at least the year 2000, with parts supply continuing for 10 years after that.
   This year also marks the tenth anniversary of the Automobile Association's happy relationship with Nissan in general and the 1400 pickup in particular.
   The Automobile Association has been buying Nissan vehicles since 1987. Today, the AA's entire emergency rescue service fleet of almost 200 vehicles comprises only Nissans, of which more than 80 percent are Nissan 1400 half-ton LDVs. The Nissan B140 half-ton light delivery vehicle, or "fourteen hundred pickup", as it is known in the vernacular, is a household name in Africa. In fact, it has become a legend in its own lifetime, and second-hand prices prove that even well used examples are still very much in demand. Few other pickups can boast the reliability and durability levels offered by this tough and versatile little 1400.
   According to Harry Pretorius, director of the AA's Emergency

Rescue Service, the Nissan 1400 became a household name. "We chose it for the fact that it is reliable, durable and inexpensive to maintain."
   The Nissan 1400, the only half-tonner in Africa with rear-wheel traction, has come a long way since its launch as the Datsun 1200, when it introduced a new era in our pickup history.
   The old V8s and six-cylinder trucks suddenly started to disappear and made way for new trends in the pickup market. The rising price of fuel made those "trucks" too expensive to drive and the then Datsun became a viable option.
   For those who wanted more power, the engine size was later increased to 1400 cc. A further improvement was the enlargement of the cabin. The roof was raised and the rear panel redesigned to considerably improve cabin space. Both the standard Nissan 1400 and the more luxurious Champ are powered by a 1397cc engine delivering 47 kW at 6 000 r/min, coupled to a five-speed gearbox.
   "We see no reason to change a winning recipe," said Dave Manly, Managing Director of Nissan South Africa PTY (LTD) Vehicle Exports. "The Nissan 1400 pickup is still extremely popular, despite the fiercer competition in this market segment, and as a true workhorse there's nothing to beat it in this class."

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