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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

B210 Honey Bee

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Category: Datsun B210

The Datsun B-210 Honey Bee was a special low-cost model offered in the United States. It was the low-spec Standard model with no options, but could be had with a special stripe and Bee decal. Its goal was to sell to a young, first time buyer who could not afford a regular B210. Honey Bee was only available as a 2-dr sedan.



The Honey Bee debuted in 1975 at the half year as the 41 mpg Honey Bee with A14 engine and 4-Speed. This was the same economy figure that other 1975 Datsuns achieved.


B210 Standard
* All vinyl interior (no carpet)
* Dog-dish hubcap
* 4-speed only (no auto)
* Side stripe
* Bee decal behind front wheel

th_b210_us_honeybee.jpg honeybeebrgal.jpg th_B210HoneyBee.jpg

  • 1976 Honey Bee Brochure:
  • Highest Fuel Economy available in USA in 1976: 41 mpg highway, 29 mpg city

The STD B210 was rushed into sale in 1975 a few months after the model year started (prior to this, only DX and GX models were available). Then a couple of months later the Honey Bee debuted as a US-only special dealer model.


The Honey Bee was based on the low-cost Standard (stripper, poverty pack) model. Standard models have an 'S' suffix in the model number. The Honey Bee was a Nissan Motor Co. in USA national offering. The decals were applied at port of entry, and VIN numbers recorded by Nissan and dealers. The VIN alone is nothing special, they are the same as STD model 2-dr sedan.



This is the difference, among other deletions, this equipment is not fitted:

  • No Wheel covers (dogdish caps fitted)
  • No Spare tire cover
  • No Trunk mat
  • No Cigarette lighter (blind plug fitted)
  • No Speedometer trip meter
  • No Rear window defogger switch (blind plug fitted)
    • 1976 Honey Bee has the defogger
  • No Carpet (only Mat)
    • California models included carpet
  • No Arm rest (pull handle is fitted)
  • No Door trim moulding
  • No Rear side moulding
  • No Rear seat ashtray
  • No Wiper blade high-speed fin (uses basic type from 620 truck)
  • No Door lamp switch for assistant side
  • No Console box
  • No Non-glare glass
  • No Chrome moulding for windshield
  • No Chrome moulding for rear window

Changed Equipment:

  • Blackwall tires now fitted (instead of whitewalls)
  • Trunk finisher: hardboard instead of laminated
  • Front seat is folding only, instead of reclining + forward-folding
  • Interior Trim: Black or Beige only (Deluxe has Black, Blue or Brown)
  • Floor trim: Black only (Black or Brown in California)

And the good part:

  • 10 pounds lighter than Deluxe model 2-dr sedan


Honey Bee was available in light Yellow, Sunshine Yellow, White and Brown.

216 White
Sunshine Yellow
019 Light Yellow

For the 1977 model year, new color "Sunshine Yellow", exclusive to the Honey Bee, was offered. It come with:

  • 019 Sunshine Yellow
    • Seat & Door: Black
    • Headliner: Beige
    • Carpet: Black (not offered)



The stripe was positioned along the belt line from the front of the car back to the rear wheel center line.

  • B2101976HoneyBee.jpg
    • Racer Bee on front fender, behind tire
    • 'Honey Bee' (in ALL CAPS) inside stripe at rear

The second type of strip was between the wheel wells, thinner at front and wider at back.

  • 291863588_c98065aae6_m.jpg
    • Flying Bee on front fender, above stripe
    • 'Honey Bee' (in script) inside stripe at rear


Nissan Part Numbers

99990-00276 STRIPE-B210 HB [Black/Yellow] NLA
99990-00277 STRIPE-B210 HB [straight stripes w/Racer Bee] NLA
99990-00278 STRIPE-B210 HB [Black] $29 USD




Super Bee

The Super Bee was a special edition Dodge automobile. Even though a few Datsun bees have been fitted with Super Bee decals, do not confuse it with the real Datsun Honey Bee.


Honey Bee Z

HoneyBee Z, Ratsun Edition by FischArt

  • th_974DatsunHoneybeeFinish-2.jpg
  • Two-tone paint scheme: Light Olive/Gunmetal Gray
  • Cowl-type Hood Scoop
  • JDM B210 Fender Mirrors
  • JDM B210 bumpers with Euro turn signal lenses
  • Fog lights on bumper
  • Classic front air spoiler (air dam)
  • Classic ducktail rear spoiler
  • Hood pins
  • Bolt on over-fender flares
  • Aero rocker panels
  • Watanabe wheels with light-olive centers and polished rim
  • Front fender slit louvers
  • Gigantic Racer Bee on rear fender, integrated with rear wheel

Monster Garage

In November 2004, a Monster Garage episode showed a "1975 Honey Bee" being transformed into drift car. They fitted a Nissan 350Z engine to it and painted it with killer bee stripes.

Some time after the show ended it was auctioned and sold for $6600 USD.


Jesse James

Jesse James sells his Honey Bee on eBay

th_IMG_8759_zps71ad8f5e.jpg th_null_zps8fc232d0.jpg


JNC got the Honey Bee ...

Old Parked Cars parked a Honey Bee

Photo Index

Datsun Honeybee on
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