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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Crane Ignition

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Distributor

Upgrading the ignition of a 1200 is easily accomplished by fitting the external Crane module and installing a Crane kit inside the factory distributor, doing away with the points and condenser. Stable Timing results (except for any distributor gear lash & advance plate wear). Crane kits use an external Electronic Ignition module which may be mounted on the inner fender or firewall.



The XR700 external ignition module can drive a standard low-energy coil, and requires a ballast resistor.

700-0231 XR700 Univeral Kit
700-0001 XR700 ignition module w/o trigger
715-0020 Optical Trigger Unit
700-2231 Univeral Trigger Installation Kit
  • Work with the stock Datsun 1200 coil
  • Coil short circuit protection is 7 amps
  • Use with external ballast resistor
  • Without external ballast resistor, the XR700 will overheat and fail
  • RPM range:


The XR3000 external ignition module can drive a high-energy coil, and does not require a ballast resistor.

3000-0231 XR3000 Universal Kit
3000-0021 XR3000 Semi-kit includes trigger
3000-0001 XR3000 external module only
  • LED status for easy diagnostics
  • Uses high-output coil
  • XR3000 is high performance version of XR700
  • Coil short circuit protection is 7 amps
  • Works with stock Datsun Electronic Ignition Coil, although the Crane coils are higher energy.
Crane-brand coils for use with XR3000
PS50 black, PS60 chrome
* 0.4 ohms
PS91 steel bracket, LX91 aluminum bracket
* E-core (non-round type)
* 0.4 ohms
* 54:1 windings

Crane Optical Trigger

715-0020 Optical Trigger Unit
700-2231 Univeral Trigger Installation Kit
  • Optical Trigger
  • Cannot directly drive a coil
  • Drives aftermarket ignition modules

XR-i Conversion Kit

Universal kits not yet available as of January 2011

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