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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Dash Changes for Sedan, Ute and Station Wagon

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Tech Section

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Dash Changes for Sedan, Ute and Station Wagon

Published by: Davo1200 , On: Oct-11-2002

Dash Changes for Sedan, Ute and Station Wagon

OK. If you own a sedan, station wagon or a ute, the chances are you have a crappy dash with only a rectangular speedo and a few other instruments.

No good if you've just added a nicely worked A14 with 5 speed. We want a tacho at least!!

The best replacement part for this situation is a dash from the sporty 1200 coupe. This dash looks real nice. It has 3 large round instruments. Speedo, RPM and a gauge for temp, fuel and other engine lights.

The whole dash doesn't have to be replaced but it will have to be taken out anyway. The dash practically unbolts with 7 screws. 3 along the top and 2 on either side under the dash and 2 for the steering column.

Take the dash out and replace with the 1200 coupe dash.

The coupe dash also has room for mods. If you want to add some aftermarket gauges like RPM and speedo, just unbolt the original tachos and modify the dash to sit the aftermarket tachos in. There's also room for other gauges like temp, fuel or boost next to the RPM gauge where the choke and cigarette lighter used to sit. Just simply cut out the plastic with a Dremel tool to the desired size of the gauge.

Looks much better than that stock square looking speedo and boosts the appearance of the interior. Great.

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