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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Datsun's Escort Answer

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Full Details: Datsun's Escort Answer

Modern Motor magazine July 1970



Datsun has some powerful new ammo with which to do battle in the fierce small car market, reports Barry Cooke Datsun Australia has been swift to reply to the threatposed by Ford's recent introduction of the Escort.
The Japanese company has just announced details of its new 1200 range of small cars that competes head on with the Escort.
They replace the Datsun 1000 series.
The new car is a complete revision, having not only a new body, but an enlarged enine -- up from just under 1000cc to 1171cc.
In introducing the new model,Datsun has rationalised its small-car range somewhat.
The new 1200 is available in four door sedan, five door wagon, and two door coupe forms. All share identical specification.
Prices are coupe -- $2298; four-door standard/deluxe $1885/1998; five-door $2115. Automatic transmission is available on the four-door only, and costs an extra $222.
The coupe and wagon are fully imported, but the sedan is assembled in both Sydney and Melbourne.

The new engine has a bore of 73 mm and a stroke of 70 mm, for a capacity of 1171cc. It develops 69 bhp at 6000 rpm, and 70 lb. ft. of torque at 3600 rpm. The old engine developed 62 bhp.
A five-bearing crankshaft is a feature of the new unit.
Transmission is a floor-change four-speed all-synchro manual as standard, and as already mentioned a three-speed automatic is optional. The auto uses a floor mounted T-bar shift lever.
Manual transmission ratios are 3.76, 2.17, 1.40 and 1.00. Final drive is 3.90 -- rather tall for an 1200cc motor car.
Suspension is independent at the front with coil spring/telescopic shock absorber struts, tension rods and a stabiliser. At the rear a rigid axle is



suspended on semi-elliptics with telescopic shock absorbers.Steering is recirculating ball, with a 15:1 ratio.
On the sedan and wagon, drum brakes are standard, but the coupe features front disc brakes and eight in. rear drums.
Drums on the sedan and wagon are also eight in. diameter, and have a total lining area of 84.6 sq. in.
Wheels are 12 in. with 6.00 section tyres on four in. rims. Radial ply tyres are standard on the coupe.

Flagship of the new Datsun fleet, the 1200 coupe comes very comprehensively equipped in standard form.

ABOVE: Tailgate of $2115 wagon is one piece lift-up job, and trim details are not as good as other cars in range. RIGHT: Rear view of 1200 sedan is reminiscent of bigger 1600. BELOW RIGHT: In typical Jap. fasion little coupe is very comprehensively equipped. BOTTOM: Profile shot shows up smooth lines of the coupe. COLOR PAGE: More shots of the handsome coupe, showing interior, engine, in action.

Tachometer, radial tyres, disc brakes, push-button radio, three-speed heater/demister, fully reclining front bucket seats, transmission console, carpet and mag-styled wheel covers are included.
Instrumentation is comprehensive too, housed in three round dials fronting the driver. In addition to tacho and speedo, there are gauges for temperature, oil pressure, and fuel.
Externally, the coupe is distinguished by matt black window frames, and a painted coach-line down the waistline.
The sedan comes well equipped too, and as it sells for under $2000, seems to be very keenly priced. The equipment includes radio, three speed heater/demister, carpet, two-speed wipers,
reversing lights, three-point seat belts, ash trays, door-
operated cabin lights, flow-through ventilation, individual front seats, cigarette lighter, and a lockable fuel tank.
The wagon is least well-
equipped of the three,
missing out on a radio, carpet, heater, and wheel covers.
But it boasts a 54 cu. ft. load area, and a counter-balanced one-piece tailgate.
At $2115, it also is keenly priced.

The new car is considerably smoother looking -- in all its forms -- than was its predecessor, and in photographs at least, has the look of a bigger card.
There is a family resemblance between the
1200 sedan and Datsun's popular 1600 sedan.
The coupe is even smoother, and has the aggressively Mustang-like styling so popular these days.
Performance? So far, we have only the manufacturer's word for it. They claim a 93 mph maximum for the coupe and 35 mpg economy.
We'll be able to report on that, and other aspects of the Datsun 1200 after we've driven it. [end]




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