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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

EI Coil

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Engine Electrical System | Ignition Modifications

When using a Datsun Electronic Ignition distributor, you can use the stock 1200 coil as long as you leave the ballast resistor in place. But a high-energy Datsun coil has vastly better performance.

Also see: EI Wiring



For best performance, use a Pulsar N12 coil or other Datsun-Nissan coil from a high energy system. Or a compatible aftermarket coil. It draws 12.9 amps @ 0.93 ohms. Any 1980s era Datsun-Nissan EI coil should work just fine. With this type of coil, bypass the stock resistor. See EI Wiring for details.

The coil from a Series 2 Bluebird (Datsun 910) or R31 Pintara with electronic dizzy may be used with Datsun/Nissan electronic ignition.

Pulsar Coil aftermarket
Standard Motor Products UC12
Primary 200 Scale .7 - 1.4
Secondary 200 Scale 9.0k - 15.5k

N12 part number 22433-11M00 assembly
22462-11M00 Hitachi coil
22462-N7811 Hanshin coil
22462-11M00 Hitachi coil
* 1984-1988 B11 CAL E15S, E16S
* 1983 B11 E15S, E16S
* 1983- N12 E16S
22433-P7500 Hitachi CIT-43 7N29 207
* S130 USA 1980-up L28E
22433-H7280 Hitachi CIT-30 <> 22433-H7285 $83 USD
* S30 USA 1978
* 720 USA 1980 L20B
* N10 USA 1979-1981 A14S, A15S
* S110 USA 1980 FED.Z20E
* S130 USA 1979-up L28E & L28ET
* 620 USA/CAN 1978
22433-H7285 Hanshin STC-30
* B310 USA 1979-1982 A12A,A14,A15
* S30 USA 1978
* 620 USA/CAN 1978
* 720 USA 1980 L20B
* 910 USA 1981- L24E
* N10 USA 1979-1981 A14S, A15S
* S110 USA 1980 FED.Z20E
* S130 USA 1979-up L28E & L28ET
USA CIT-30, STC-30
spark plug gap: 1.0-1.1 mm (39-43 thousands inch)
primary: 0.84 to 1.02 ohms at 20C/68F
secondary: 17k-23k ohms
* 1978 B210 USA
* 1979-1982 B310 USA
* 1978-1981 A10 USA/CAN L20B,Z20S.four-plug-engine
* 1978-1979 S10 USA/CAN
Standard Motor Products UF4 $20-$55, used in place of Nissan:
22433-H7280, 22433-H7285, 22448-H7285,22448-P9000
22433-P7500, 22433-P7500MP, 22433-P7510
22448-V0800, 22448-V0801,22462-V0800 E15ET, E15S, E15S
22448-V0821, 22462-V0821 E15ET, E15S, E15S

Current Draw

Stock points coil is 1.3 ohms + 1.5 ohm resistor = 3.2 ohm, so it will draw 3.75 amps at 12 volts (I=V/R). This low amperage is to prevent the contact points from burning out. Except when starting, it sees a lower voltage because of the Ballast Resistor.

Points coil: 3.75 amps maximum engine stopped
Nissan IE coil: momentary 12 amps, average ~4 amps (e.g. N12 Pulsar)

The higher current draw allow a fatter spark, even at higher voltages. Exactly what the engine wants.


NOTE: Bosch GT40R or GT40RT can be used as a direct replacement for the stock 1200 coil, but is less powerful than the stocker 1.3 ohm points coil. Ditto for the GT40/GT40T, it's not a high-energy coil even though it does not use a Ballast Resistor (it has a resistor built-in).

Bosch HEC715 (made in China) is the aftermarket coil for EI systems, and draws more current (0.41 ohms). Consider using an ignition relay as this will draw a peak 29 amps (I=V/R) if you connected it to a points system -- although considerably less in usage with EI as the electronic controller will never stay in the closed circuit for very long like points can do if the engine stops with the points in closed position.

MSD Blaster

MSD Blaster

For multi-channel coil drivers (not stock EI)
Low resistance, quick rise time for high-revving systems
Maximum Output: 43,000 volts
85:1 windings

MSD Blaster 2/MSD Blaster 3

* Blaster 3: Extra tall secondary tower 
* Blaster 2: standard sceondary tower
Primary Resistance: 0.7 ohms 
Secondary Resistance: 4.70K ohms 
100:1 windings
Maximum Output: 45,000 volts
Inductance: 8 mH 
Peak current: 140 mA 
Spark duration: 350 uS

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