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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Electric Parts List

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Electric Vehicle

For an overview of electric vehicle conversions for Datsun 1200, see Electric. Follows is one way to do it



8" DC motor
Adapter plate to stock transmission
(Optional: Use 60-series four speed for more durability)
Aluminum spacer for Datsun crank adapter to bolt the stock flywheel


Aluminum mount with Ford engine mounts
* Purchase Ready-made for 8" motor 

Battery Pack

128 Volt pack
40 Thundersky lithium ion 60ah batteries. $3000 
* 128V pack (40 individual batteries)
* Weight: 300 lbs
Battery pack straps
* IMG_2135-sm.JPG
Tin-plate copper battery interconnects
EVworks inter-cell regulators (3.62 volts)
* miniBMS control board


Aluminum pack brackets/carrier frame
* can fit above engine subframe rails, fairly simple 
* or in ute bed with simple bolted down rectangle box
* or under ute bed with careful fabrication of carrier
* Must prevent upward movement
* Must prevent sideways movement


Use the stock Datsun 1200 accelerator pedal 
Use the stock 1200 throttle cable
Connect it to the controller 'pot box' 


PFC-20 charger 


Room Heater

Electric Heater Core: 108-156 VDC, 1500 watts $104.50
* Direct replacement for your vehicle's original heater core
* Not cheap, but very warm for cold, damp climates
High voltage relay


Gauges: Voltmeter, etc.

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