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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Fender pulling

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Body Modifications | Wheel And Tire

If fender rolling does not give you quite enough clearance for your extra-wide tires, fender pulling might do it. The involves actually pulling the sheet metal outwards to gain extra clearance between the tire and the fender (guard/wing).

Also see: Fender rolling


To stretch out the fender sheetmetal, heat the wheel arch with a butane torch or other heat gun. When it is hot to the touch -- but not too hot to blister the paint -- beat evenly on the fender from the insides outwards. Tape thickly woven pieces of cloth to hammer head to protect the sheetmetal. Use a baby sledgehammer.

When heating the metal, move the torch back and forth just above the lip to evenly heat about 1/2 the wheel arch (the upper portion). Keep it moving so you do not burn the paint. It also needs to heat a portion above the edge as your goal is to soften enough of the paint so it won't crack when you next begin stretch (pull) the metal.

With the hammer, slowly, patiently beat out the wheel arch. Use a gloved hand to resist the blows -- put your palm on the outside of the hot paint directly over the blows. You can also have an assistant press half a sandbag to the outside of the wheel arch. This will spread out the force of the hammer as the stretching occurs. Keep moving the hammer so the pulling is done evenly over the surface. Repeat the heating as necessary, then continue hammering.

Do the front fenders (guards) first, as they are thinner and it will be much easier. Then after you have practiced on the fronts, you can tackle the double-wall rear fenders.

A note of caution. This is just an overview. Read up on the topic and get advice from those who have already done this before you start on your good vehicle.

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