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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

From Yahoo clubs

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Tech Section

This is the old Tech Section article

From Yahoo clubs to the new site:
Published by: danielblues , On: Jul-02-2002

Whats changed:
- Now Messages are called Forum, here goes a fast intro:
- After selecting the Forum you want to post, you can add a new topic by clicking this pic on top the right :)
- If you want to reply, click in reply.gif botton of the messages you want to reply to.
- The messages are now threaded, so they are much more oganized, please reply to the right message.
-We can comment the news and polls so we have even more things to talk about :)

Whats new:
- A News System, for those special moments, meeting, races...
- A FAQ system, still being developed.
- A Download section, for those important documents!
- Personal messages, for a simple fast and personal member to member comunication.
- You can change your theme.

What is missing:
- The image gallery is missing but we will have one very soon, it will be searchable, and without th 30MB limit!
- The chat was never much popular, but it can be added later if we fell the need for it.
- The calendar, never popular too, but this will return and will be more promoted.

What we will have
- A datsun 1200 world registry.
- What we hope will be a better club! :)

Daniel and Pedro

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