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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Hitachi D6K Distributor

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Distributor

D6K is the six-cylinder version of the Hitachi D4K Distributor (matchbox distributor).


D6K uses the same ignitor (matchbox) as the four-cylinder models


Has C & B connectors (Battery & Coil.negative).

Hitachi E12-80
Nissan 22020-S6701, 22020-S6702
* 720 1980
* 910 1981
* N10 1979-1980
* S110 1979-1980
* S130 1979-1981


Has I & W terminals on the side for the "Electric Advance System" which works independently of the vacuum advance system.

  • To 12V via thermo switch (ON when cold)
  • To ECU via Throttle switch idle detect

When WARM and above idle, ignition timing is retarded. When COLD or when idling, timing is normal.

Since it retards the timing electrically, it may be useful for a forced inducation setup.

Question: If you disconnect I & W, will it still retard the timing? You can test this with a timing light.

Hitachi E12-93
Nissan 22020-P9700
* 910 83-
Nissan 22020-W3100
* 910 82-
* S130 82-
Ultrapower LX554
Kemparts E545
BWD/Niehoff CBE509
Beck/Arnley 1800031 
ACDelco E1946A 
Airtex/Wells 6H1210 Wells JA123
* 22020-P9102
* 22020-P9700
* 22020-P9701
* 22020-P9702
* 22020-W3100
* 88921516, JA123

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