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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Installing Rear Window

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body

crab45: Thought I'd chuck up a basic guide to fitting the rear window. This may or may not be the official way, so I am not liable for any damage to your windows or rubbers.

Items Needed

Things you will need:

* Patience (a lot lol)
* Windex
* Paper towel
* Talcum powder (baby powder, whatever you call it)
* Glass suction cup holder (Or a strong pair of arms)


  1. clean the outside of the window, I used windex and paper towel. (This isn't essential, but I didn't want dirt and crap getting inbetween the glass and rubber)
  2. Fit rubber to window. I had my dad help me so I held the rubber inline while he pushed it into the slits.
  3. Squirt generous amount of talcum powder into the rubber where the metal will sit once you install it. Run your finger around the inside to make sure you get even coverage.
  4. Position window outside of car using the glass suction holder (or get someone to hold it)
  5. I started on the bottom (easier for me), run your finger along the rubber to make the rubber flap over onto the metal lip, may need a small screwdriver (preferably flathead) if its being stubborn just to lift the lip up enough to grab.
  6. Do this all the way around untill you have the whole thing installed.
  7. Clean up, wipe excess talcum powder off first with a rag or towel, then use windex and paper towel to give it a good wipe to rid any other dirt or grit that made its way onto the glass.

Hope this helps anyone in future when installing their back window, as I couldn't find any instructions on it lol.

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