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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Wheel And Tire

Libre "daisy" style rims look good on Datsun 1200s. From 1969, Libre by American Racing Equipment (later by Shelby American marketed as "Viper"). Designed by BRE (Brock Racing Enterprises).


Genuine Libres debuted 1965 and have 'American Racing Equipment' cast on the back of the rim barrel. They are 4-lug with four spokes. The five-lug five-spoke version is called the 200-S.

Buy now from BRE
Libre Wheel Design History & Comparison from

16242.jpgAlbum 16242 1516.jpgAlbum 1516 6571.jpgAlbum 6571 15614.jpgAlbum 15614 6569.jpgAlbum 6569 1515.jpgAlbum 1515 6557.jpgAlbum 6557

American Racing Equipment 1965 advertisement
28204.jpgAlbum 28204
* Magnesium alloy
* Competition use only
* 13x6, 13x7, 13x8, 13x9

Shelby Viper

Genuine Vipers have large 'Shelby' and 'Viper' cast into the back of the rim barrel.

174_5778af43c7320.jpgPost 479638 174_5778af50b2a6d.jpgPost 479638 174_5778afcac2d6d.jpgPost 479638

Bosozok version

Wildly wide 14x8.4, 14x10 and 14x12 "T-1" by B.R.E (Banzai Racing Equipment)

174_5b98af17e64a3.jpgPost 489430 

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