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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Starting engine on the ground

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Diagnoses and Corrections

No need for a remote start switch. I've started dozens of engines sitting on the ground using jumper cables and a screwdriver to trigger the starter. Touch the screwdriver between the big terminal and the start terminal.

20 seconds is long enough to listen for knocks and observe if engine smokes when you rap the throttle. It won't overheat in this short time. Also start it with the vent hose off the valve cover. If you can see any fumes come out, it is a sign of worn rings. A good engine will have zero fumes.

Place block of wood under back of oil pan to support engine

Fasten transmission and bolt up the starter. No need for a clutch

Fuel can, electric pump and hose to carb
Jumper cables and battery
Jumper wire to fuel pump
Jumper wire to coil
No need for water/coolant

Before starting, connect fuel pump to fill carb fuel bowl. Rotate throttle linkage. If it doesn't squirt gas (common with engines that have been sitting), use a puff of starting fluid, or pour an ounce of petrol down carb. Hold the choke closed while staring engine, or use your palm to mostly block the carb throat.

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