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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Sunny Gods

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Category: Magazine Articles

The 6th installment of the "Gods" series released Thursday, September 29, 2022

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サニーの神々 Sunny Gods

29625.jpgAlbum 29625

NISSAN SUNNY B10, B110, B210, B310 & TRUCK
Thorough coverage of the A-type engine equipped Sunny!
Enjoy the first-generation Sunny in a modern way
Any professional can do it? Master-type engine OH!
Sunny Excellent Playback
Hobbyists walking with Sunny
Delving into the true picture
FR Sunnys
For Sunny A-type engine
Carburetor setting


The Nissan Sunny, which was introduced in 1966, gained popularity as a liter-class popular car that was slightly smaller than the Bluebird, and later underwent a model change. It has continued to be popular for many years. This is a series that should be etched into a page in Japan's automotive history, with its fierce sales competition with the Toyota Corolla, its success in motorsports that took advantage of its excellent design, and the surprising long-selling status of derivative models of the trucks. This book focuses on models from the same series equipped with the famous "A-type engine" (excluding the Excellent) and approaches the history and charm of this book.


  • Details of successive models equipped with A-type engines, from B10 to B310
  • What is the appeal of the derivative model "Sanitra" that is still very popular?
  • Can anyone do it with professional guidance? Challenge the O/H of the famous A type engine!
  • Following the history and characteristics of the carburetor for the A-type engine equipped with the Sunny
  • A group of hobbyists who love the Sunny and enjoy life with it
  • Introducing a special shop that can handle anything related to the Sunny
  • Heretical model!? Excellent regeneration of the only car equipped with an L-type engine
  • Rival showdown!! B110 Sunny vs TE27 Corolla Levin