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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body Modifications

A <sunroof> can be added to the Datsun 1200. But should you?


Sunroof ad circa 1972
153.jpgAlbum 153
Manual folding vinyl sunroof (sliding ragtop) with 30 inch opening. This was an ad from Distribution and Auto Service (DAS) in the United States -- the company that prepped all new Datsuns for sale.

Cloth Sunroof on 2-dr sedan
5005.jpgAlbum 5005
This sunroof was made from cut the sunroof off of an old Renault Le Car (Renault 5). It was about 3ft square...huge!! The big downside of the LeCar sunroof is that it flips open insteads of sliding back. That means you have to stop to open it or it will "parachute" and rip -- and also rip your arm off.

Quote:The novelty of this sunroof never wore off. It was a canvas/rubber type and was surprisingly water tight. Yes it would leak if you sprayed right at it with a water hose, but in a downpour it would not. I had it open anytime it was not raining. It totally opened up an otherwise cramped cabin. It did eventually crack and leak. By the time I found a good replacement top, this car was gone.

For all the positives, I don't think I could ever bring myself to cut the roof on my current sedan.

More common is the "glass flipup" (popup) style of sunroof. If not professionally done, it will leak. Even pro jobs sometimes leak. You can try to fix it with silicone rubber sealant but that doesn't usually work. An auto body shop can take it out and put in a patch panel then redo the headliner.

Flip-up hinged sunroof
7129.jpgAlbum 7129 174_5b45b75fe78f3.jpgPost 488890

Ute sunroof
5011.jpgAlbum 5011 4920.jpgAlbum 4920

Sliding roof
174_4dae71a3ade29.jpgPost 364639

POST Sunny Truck

1981 B310_Brochures#United_States - optional on SL models

1981 B310_Brochures#Canada

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