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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Datsun B310

Neil Clark

Admin's note: DattoMaster B210sleeper, whose Datsun B310 Coupe 
is the terror of Burbank, California, is a long-time member of

I don't have a b210! When i signed up to i had mine for about a week and hadn't gotten to grasp the needlessly confusing b210,210,310 evolution.

I have a KPB310!


It gets 13 mpg street and 30 highway on propane, still being tuned, as usual...

Stripped interior, racing seats and 3 point harnesses.


My car:

need to link to a new picture...

need a up do date engine bay pic...

At the 2006 Long Beach Japanese Classic Car Show

At Lake Tahoe in 2006


  • A15 0.030 Overbored.
  • LPG Powered ( OMVL boost capable regulator and Variable piston mixer) LPG ONLY
  • CD Ignition Accel 300+
  • Autronic AL-600 Lambda Control
  • Electric Fan
  • H4 Lighting+heavy wire+relay conversion
  • LED Lights, markers + turns signals
  • Oil cooler+temp regulator+anti-drainback valve
  • lightened flywheel + crank pulley
  • 60A 5 speed
  • H150A [3.7:1]
  • Noltec urathane bushings kit
  • {front} 195x14x60 Pirelli P4000, 280zx struts , tokiko adjustable struts @ softest , coilovers , 200# spring, willwood dynalite 4 pots, polymatrix street pads , camber plates , Roll Center Adjusters
  • {rear} 195x14x60 something, Pedders Sport Ryder Lowering Springs [1.5"] , Koni Specal Dampers @ firmest
  • Garmin gps V + roof mount active antenna [ 7 foot accuracy ]
  • Autometer EGT, Oil Pressure, Water Temp gauges
  • Kamei air dam
  • Hatch Louver
  • AE-86 inspired radiator shroud
  • 280zx under hood inspection lamp
  • FUBA style active FM antenna
  • Custom Door panels
  • Cusco Strut Brace
  • Petrol tank removed and custom tank frame installed for propane tank.
  • Painted all dash panels black
  • Painted entire car sparkle black with a spray can, after stripping to bare metal. Rubbed out to look black, but in the sun looks kind of tiger shark color.


frankthedolphintrainer turbo manifold + GT1548 turbo

Contacts and Links:

Instant Messaging:


Things I know enough to give answers on:

  • 120Y/ Sunny / 210 / B310 Info MY 1978-1982 ( 1981 B310 Factory Service and Users Manual )
  • Replacement ignition boxes
  • 280zx Strut conversions
  • Wilwood brakes
  • Custom wheel spacers
  • Propane Conversions
  • Trouble with the CARB and DMV
  • Finding NEW parts
  • Getting a custom part made
  • Oil Coolers and hardware
  • Installing alarms
  • Electric Lock conversion
  • GPS systems
  • Rare weird exotic failures of hardware
  • Custom Gauges
  • Car Stereo Installation Tech
  • Door Panel mods
  • Anything Electrical ( as long as it's not stock wiring, but i have a FSM w/ wiring chart so i can help, but i don't use stock wiring much. )
  • Keeping it looking old skool

Things i can't give answers on:

  • Australian Legalities
  • anything 1200

Too Much Details

  • 280zx struts shortened to coilovers and wilwood brake conversion, added stainless brake hoses. using 200# springs and 1" roll center adjusters, Tokiko adjustable strut and camber plates. Camber set to whatever stock was, 0deg i think, corners well.
  • Higher density radiator core in a sunny end tanks, electric fan, oil cooler jammed in front of the radiator. Had the bung for a later E series fan switch so spares are cheap. This leaves about 1/4" between the fan and the water pump pulley. I made a shroud for it and cut out the radiator brace in front a bit to unblock the the core, also made a cover for the space between the grill and the radiator.
  • Mitsubishi something or another oil cooler remote filter, check valve and thermal valve
  • Accel 300 Ignition using oem ignitor ignition trigger
  • Replaced all bushings with noltec urethane bushings.

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