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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Vanette Distributor

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Engine Electrical System

Vanette C22 came with modern Electronic Ignition distributors for A-series engine. C22 for Japan-market had electronic ignition with the A15 engine. Europe only got points even for the 1992 models.



Mitsubishi distributor 22100-G5110 has the small vacuum advance unit (a T4T case), which looks like the original Datsun 1200 advance. G51 is the Applied model Code for Nissan Vanette C22 1985-1991 with A-series engine.

22100-G5110 C22 A15.K.MT 8509-9106 JDM MITSUBISHI (G5115)
22100-G5115 C22 A15.K.AT 8509-9106 JDM MITSUBISHI 

This is a great distributor that is nearly identical to the late Sunny Truck Distributors.

Discussion: Info on distrubutor please

22100-G5110 T4T66371 6312
12962.jpgAlbum click to view 12963.jpgAlbum click to view 12964.jpgAlbum click to view 12965.jpgAlbum click to view

T4T66371 22100-G5110
12193.jpgAlbum click to view

T4T66372 OX09 22100-G5115
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20235.jpgAlbum click to view 20236.jpgAlbum click to view

Chinese Copy

In 2010, a chinese copy of the G5110 became available. No word yet on the quality of reliability of the electronic components.

Tell-tale identification is the Austin-like dizzy clamp. This distributor can be purchased from many suppliers, including Bprojects.

23385.jpgAlbum click to view 23386.jpgAlbum click to view 23387.jpgAlbum click to view


22100-G5710 Mitsubishi T4T00571/T4T05712 is points-type distributor (non-electronic)

22100-G5710 GC22 A15S EUR
22100-G5710 C22 A15.V 8509- JDM
22100-G5710 GC22 A15S JDM
22100-G5710 TC22 A15S JDM MITSUBISHI T4T00571
* Ignition coil make/type: Han/H5-13-49
* Supply voltage: 4.1 + Volts with ballast resistor
* distributor cap: 22162-78A10
* rotor button: 22157-23G15
* Vacuum Advance unit: 22301-G5710


22100-W8511 C120 0779-0286 A15 EUR (G1910)
22100-G1910 C120 0386- A15 EUR
22100-G5010 C120 0283-0884 A15 SWE (G4610)
22100-G2770 C120 0984-0286 A15 SWE (G7210)
22100-G2710 C120 0386- A15 SWE
22100-G5710 GC22 A15S EUR 
22100-G2510 C120 A12S 7810-7907 JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G2570 C120 A12S 7906-8512 JDM MITSUBISHI (G6110)
22100-G6110 C120 A12S 8512- JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G2810 C120 A14.K.MT 7810-8006 JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G2815 C120 A14.K.AT 7810-8006 JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G3210 C120 A14.(V,T) 7810-7907 JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G2571 C120 A14.(V,T) 7906-8106 JDM MITSUBISHI (G4610)
22100-G2561 C120 A15.(V,T) 8106-8209 JDM HITACHI (G4600)
22100-G2561 C120 A15.(V,T) A15.WV 8209-8512 JDM HITACHI (G4600)
22100-G2571 C120 A15.(V,T) A15.WV 8209-8512 JDM MITSUBISHI (G4610)
22100-G2800 C120 A15.K.MT 8104- JDM HITACHI
22100-G2805 C120 A15.AT 8104- JDM HITACHI 
22100-G2810 C120 A15.K.MT 8006- JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G2815 C120 A15.AT 8006- JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G4600 C120 A15.(V,T) A15.WV 8512- JDM HITACHI (G4610)
22100-G4610 C120 A15.(V,T) A15.WV 8512- JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G2570 C22 A12S 8509-8602 JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G6110 C22 A12S 8602-8809 JDM MITSUBISHI T3T03579B
22100-G6110 C22 A12.S3/6 8809-8811 JDM T3T03579B
22100-G6111 C22 A12.S3/6 8811- JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G8210 C22 A12.S3 8809-8811 JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G8211 C22 A12.S3 8811- JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G5110 C22 A15.K.MT 8509-9106 JDM MITSUBISHI (G5115)
22100-G5115 C22 A15.K.AT 8509-9106 JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G5710 C22 A15.V 8509- JDM 
22100-G5710 GC22 A15S JDM
22100-G8210 TC22 A12S 8811-8812 JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G8211 TC22 A12S 8812- JDM MITSUBISHI 
22100-G5710 TC22 A15S JDM MITSUBISHI T4T00571 

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