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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

W Gearbox

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Categories: Transmission | Transmission Modifications

The W-series is a 4-speed or 5-speed manual transmission built by Aisin. It is a super strong transmission which will just fit in the Datsun 1200 transmission tunnel.



Toyota W transmission by Aisin. About 90 pounds. W can handle 300-350 ft-Lb torque. If your engine makes more torque, use the larger heavier Toyota R transmission. The R154 can handle 450-550 ft-Lb torque.

  • W50 5-speed Steel Case (all others are alloy)
  • Steel case and alloy case gearboxes do not interchange
  • W55, W56, W57, W58, W59 all interchange bellhousings
  • All have the same output splines in common with the T50 Automatic gearbox
W55 5-speed 0.850 overdrive, 3.566 1st
W56 truck extra-low 1st gear 3.954 1st
W57 5-speed 0.861 overdrive, 3.285 1st
W58 5-speed 0.783 overdrive, 3.285 1st
W59 truck extra-low 1st gear 3.954 1st
1973-1981 Celica, Carina, Corona, Supra, Hilux
2002-2005 USA Lexus IS300
1983-1986 Supra Japan
1986 Crown
1986 Cressida
1982-1985 Celica with 21R engine
W58 (same as W57 except for 5th gear ratio)
1982-1998 non-turbo Supra, Celica, Cressida, Soarer
1982-1985 Celica USA
1992-1997 Lexus SC300
1982-1992 Lotus Excel

W58 came in North America Celica 1982-1985 -- all with 22R engine
Coupe | Liftback
400px-1985_Toyota_Celica_GT_coup%C3%A9_%28US%29%2C_rear_right_side.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia 288px-ToyotaCelicaGT.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

ratios W58    W57
1st  3.285
2nd  1.894
3rd  1.275
4th  1.000
5th  0.783  0.0861
REV  3.768

Alloy Case W55-W59

Swap Notes

3Rotor and Cameron_Datto have fitted W gearboxes to Datsun 1200.

To adapt to the Nissan A Engine use one of the following methods:

  • Cut & Shut
  • Adapter Plate
  • A-series bellhousing (custom order from Dellow Conversions in Australia)

12288.jpgAlbum 12288

3Rotor: remove the cross-member mounting pods in the tunnel, open up the shifter hole a bit at the back (no other tunnel mods needed). Cameron had do to "some heating & beating" in the tunnel topic

  • Find/fabricate a 180mm clutch plate to fit the splines of the W
  • Newer W's must swap the electronic speed sensor for a cable drive

Wogboy: The clutch is original datto 1200. I used the datsun clutch fork and cut the opposite side of the bellhousing on the t50. Then I used the Toyota thrust race, ground down the datto clutch fork to clear , then welded a couple of allen keys (strong steel) to reinforce the clutch fork. The result was the sweetest clutch action I have ever felt.

Hydraulic clutch cylinder fitted
12298.jpgAlbum 12298 12297.jpgAlbum 12297 427822729_328b3d2db6_z.jpgflicker click to view

Tail-shaft needs lengthening and the right yoke for this box
427822748_83e2eb91a5_z.jpgflicker click to view
Tunnel mod: Remove tunnel bosses and use Wide gearbox crossmember
427822747_a176e680c9_z.jpgflicker click to view

More Pics: 3rotor Gearbox transplant


racinaround cut the front 3" off a FWD SR transmission, then welded it to the Supra gearbox. This is handy because Nissan doesn't make RWD 5-speeds that fit the FWD SR engine.

12511.jpgAlbum 12511 12512.jpgAlbum 12512 12513.jpgAlbum 12513 12514.jpgAlbum 12514

Steel Case W50

W50 is the steel-case version of the W gearbox. It does not interchange with the W55-W50 alloy case models.

W50 Adapter Kit

Reportedly, Dellow Conversions offers a kit to bolt up a W50 to a Datsun A-series engine.

W50 Adapter Plate

The W50 Toyota 5-speed can be fitted to a Datsun A-series engine. Use an A-series automatic transmission bellhousing with an adapter plate to fit the W50 gearbox. The W50 is a non-alloy gearbox, and the thickness of the adapter plate would be different for any alloy W gearbox.

6404.jpgAlbum 6404 6302.jpgAlbum 6302 6301.jpgAlbum 6301 7206.jpgAlbum 7206 7209.jpgAlbum 7209

Bare adaptor plate to suit an A series auto bell housing and a W50 steel case Celica 5 speed
6899.jpgAlbum 6899

Adaptor plate bolted to Celica box, clutch fork pivot fitted.
6900.jpgAlbum 6900

Datsun 56A 4-speed verses a Celica W50 steel case 5-speed fitted with an A series auto bell housing and adaptor plate.
6902.jpgAlbum 6902

Above: A series 56A 4-speed
Below: W50 Celica 5-speed below. Modified Datsun clutch fork fitted to Celica thrust bearing. Slot cut through the side of an A series auto bell housing . Clutch fork retaining spring and clutch cable mount still to be made.
6901.jpgAlbum 6901

The input spline lines up exactly

The spigot fits into the back of the A-series crankshaft as per standard but a machined spigot bearing needs to be made to suit the Celica input shaft.

Mods need to be made to the clutch fork, and thrust bearing carrier

A new cross member needs to be made, the tunnel needs a bit of a massage

The speedo cable matches up to the Celica box with no mods.

A clutch needs to be sorted out, a new spigot bearing needs to be made, and a new tailshaft is needed.

funkeyman photos 

POST clubman adapter
6895.jpgAlbum 6895 6894.jpgAlbum 6894 6899.jpgAlbum 6899 6900.jpgAlbum 6900 6901.jpgAlbum 6901 6902.jpgAlbum 6902


Some W's use the same spline/diameter input shaft as the Datsun A. So the Datsun clutch disc fits

Other W's use a larger 1-1/8 shaft with 18-splines. For this you may be able to re-drill the A-series flywheel to take one of the smaller clutches.

Exedy/Daikin KTY18
* Shaft diameter 1"
* Input splines 21
* Diameter 210 to 213 mm
* Celica 1994-1997
* Corolla 1993-1997 

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