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Main : Misc Turbo manifold

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Turbo manifold
Turbo manifoldPopular
Submitterca18det_manMore Photos from ca18det_man   Last Update2005/7/16 15:17    Tell a friendTell a friend
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I made this turbo manifold from steam pipe sections very thick wall. I mig welded then ground & linished all the joins and had it HPC coated took my many hrs to make. The dump pipe  is 3"

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/11/20 6:25  Updated: 2007/11/20 6:25
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 2005/8/8
From: The garage, NZ
Posts: 1935
 Re: Turbo manifold
Tuned length is a big thing.
When the exhaust gases come out in the firing order, if the piping is the same lengths it means that the "sausages" if you will, of gases will make a long line of gases when they connect to push on the turbo wheel or exit the exhaust (n/a engine) this means no kinetic engergy from the gas is wasted when the gases impact and is put towards spinning the wheel or exiting.

The reason its not traingle piping and IS normal sircle picing is so it runs smoothly through thus wasting the least amount of energy. or so it can exit the fastest. Traingle section doesnt flow well

Poster Thread
Posted: 2004/1/27 13:42  Updated: 2004/1/27 13:42
Home away from home
Joined: 2003/1/13
From: Forsby Finland
Posts: 167
 Re: Turbo manifold
Nissan Power, YEAH..... It

Poster Thread
Posted: 2004/1/27 16:30  Updated: 2004/1/27 16:30
Joined: 2001/5/3
From: Hawaii, USA
Posts: 30847
 Re: Turbo manifold
It's a work of art.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2004/1/29 10:51  Updated: 2004/1/29 10:51
Home away from home
Joined: 2003/5/22
From: sutho shire
Posts: 757
 Re: Turbo manifold
very nice!! i have just been looking into getting a custom high mount for my ca18det 2 suit a GT30 turbo... cost is 600$ with custom dump pipe with screemer pipe...
i would never make this up my self takes 2 much skill in getting equel lengths 2 the turbo..
nice work looks neat and very profesional.. 180kt at 18psi is a nice figure..

Poster Thread
Posted: 2004/1/29 11:59  Updated: 2004/1/29 11:59
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 2003/1/5
From: campbelltown (sydney) australia
Posts: 1804
 Re: Turbo manifold
hey thats real nice work, i always see pics like this and wonder if ppl have ever tried the same thing a different way like do u HAVE to use piping? maybe u could make up sorta like a triangle box with the tip at the turbo instead of piping, or do u get optimum flow and that from tuned length pipes ???

Poster Thread
Posted: 2004/1/29 12:04  Updated: 2004/1/29 12:04
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 2002/3/20
From: Melbourne, Australia
Posts: 8205
 Re: Turbo manifold
tuned length is the bees knees mate, apparently

Poster Thread
Posted: 2004/1/29 12:06  Updated: 2004/1/29 12:06
Home away from home
Joined: 2003/9/25
From: Adelaide
Posts: 594
 Re: Turbo manifold
what a work of art!!!! at first i scrolled down the screen really fast and thought you had done something with ballons.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2005/7/17 1:49  Updated: 2005/7/17 1:49
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 2004/9/4
From: sydney
Posts: 3096
 Re: Turbo manifold
Beautiful workmanship.