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Main : Mechanical : Body and Interiors sick a15

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sick a15
sick a15Popular
Submitterdatto_daveMore Photos from datto_dave   Last Update2002/9/11 12:37    Tell a friendTell a friend
Hits9607  Comments5    10.000010.00 (1 vote)
this is just a pic of a 1200 that i found whilst surfin the net

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2002/9/12 8:35  Updated: 2002/9/12 8:35
Home away from home
Joined: 2002/4/1
From: Christchurch New Zealand
Posts: 417
 Re: sick a15
i saw a body shell identical to this (paint wise) it was missing front gaurds spoiler and scirts but im positive i saw it at Reg Cook's

Poster Thread
Posted: 2002/9/14 11:00  Updated: 2002/9/14 11:00
Home away from home
Joined: 2000/5/6
From: Wellington New Zealand
Posts: 962
 Re: sick a15
That would have been a very tired ex sister car. When SS2000 started John Neilson ran 2 1200 coupes. It was sold years ago and Reg was supposed to be rebuilding it for someone for historic racing. It was a Shellsport car from the 70's originally. I have been keeping tabs on Reg's old 1200 coupe, a young guy has it not far from me ...he does'nt know it's history and I'm hoping to give it a new home soon. It won the NZ Shellsport championship.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2002/9/14 11:41  Updated: 2002/9/14 11:41
Home away from home
Joined: 2002/6/29
From: Hamilton , Victoria, Australia
Posts: 159
 Re: sick a15
stirlingmac ,
I hope you can get your hands on the coupe, Im new to Dattos but ANY car with that kind of history needs to be owned by someone who will give it the TLC it deserve's, not a young guy that might wrap it around a pole.


Poster Thread
Posted: 2003/2/13 6:25  Updated: 2003/2/13 6:25
Home away from home
Joined: 2002/7/17
From: Auckland, New Zealand
Posts: 291
 Re: sick a15
This car is still currently run & driven by Brian Roycroft from AKLD (doesn't run very often) and use to hold the track records in the north island for the SS2000 class.
It has since been repainted & modified, and is still under contruction.
It'll be back out running shortly.