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Main : Mechanical : Body and Interiors Front of the Chickenhawk

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Front of the Chickenhawk
Front of the ChickenhawkPopular
Submitterdimlight65More Photos from dimlight65   Last Update2002/7/4 4:54    Tell a friendTell a friend
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Look closely and you can see the 300ZX hood scoop over the carb.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2002/7/8 6:18  Updated: 2002/7/8 6:18
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 2001/8/2
Posts: 1354
 Re: Front of the Chickenhawk
Stop eating that many burgers at jack in the box,Mr Box is starting to claim ownership of the chicken hawk!


Poster Thread
Posted: 2002/7/9 4:59  Updated: 2002/7/9 4:59
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 2002/3/20
From: Melbourne, Australia
Posts: 8221
 Re: Front of the Chickenhawk
i cant work out what those things are just inside of the indicators that go up to the grill

Poster Thread
Posted: 2002/7/13 21:47  Updated: 2002/7/13 21:47
Joined: 2001/5/3
From: 48 North
Posts: 31584
 Re: Front of the Chickenhawk
Those are promotional "antenna balls" from "Jack in the Box", an nationwide hamburger restaurant.

I just can't figure out why there are two antennas on the front bumper

Poster Thread
Posted: 2002/7/16 16:51  Updated: 2002/7/16 16:51
No life (a.k.a. DattoMaster)
Joined: 2001/2/7
From: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Posts: 1003
 Re: Front of the Chickenhawk
Those bumper stubs are actually for a VW Beetle. A real Beetle, not those new totally Homer-sexual things they are trying to pass off as Beetles. Anyway, I had to re drill one of the holes to get them to line up with the Datsun bumper bolts. I think they look pretty cool. Oh, by the way, don't try to jack the car up with them, they will bend and break your turn signals. Don't ask how I know. As for the balls, well, a car's got to have balls!