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Re: H145 Rear Axle Wheel Bearing (sealed)

Subject: Re: H145 Rear Axle Wheel Bearing (sealed)
by ddgonzal on 2021/11/3 6:59:38

If i recall correctly the orginal ball bearing isn't sealed on either side, so the 90W from the diff eventually washes away the packed grease. i figure the bearing wears slightly, then the seal (in the housing) is slightly compromised and so lube gradually mixes into the bearing

Groove is where the housing seal rides
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Grease packing
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These replacements for the small bearings (1970-1972) are sealed on one side. The other side goes up against the brake backing plate so that's good - assuming they are installed with the seal facing in. They still gotta be packed but i reckon the grease will stay put for longer