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L series head or cam swap? help in melb might be needed.
Well I got a recoed v91 head that's been shaved for more comp but it's open chamber not like my a87 peanut head. Was wondering if should swap heads for more flow or just Cam shafts as the Reco head has wade Cam on it.

as I haven't attempted this before and don't want to stuff ut up majorly, is there any one in Melb that might be willing to help me out before datnats? I've got stuff all disposable cash so ut would be a labour of love and maybe a beer or 2 after?

Pm if you can possibly help or respond here with tips it tricks.

The v91 needs grub screws inserted into the manifold water jacket holes too.

Posted on: 2013/1/11 1:44
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Re: L series head or cam swap? help in melb might be needed.
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2002/10/28 6:49
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You should really just change the camshaft nothing else as your kidney shaped head is better than open chamber. The word from an L series Guru is open chamber heads are just pollution heads and even the worked ones on flat top stroker engines dont produce the goods at all in comparison to closed chamber head with carefully dished pistons which keeps the charge like a small ball or red dwarf.
You can machine the cast iron ex manifold you where looking at the bottom of the port flange floor also so there is a 2mm step from the exhaust port outlet on the head that sits higher than the cast iron. This will give even better exhaust scavenging and reduced reversion pulses (words from same guru that I cant mention on theses thread - he charges 5-7k for a properly max worked L head.)
Theres a step by step way to changing L series camshafts somewhere on ratsuns or 50 realm.

Posted on: 2013/1/11 5:07
"Australia" is formed by all its geographically listed territories "including" Norfolk, Christmas & Cocos Islands. The word include excludes all else before it therefore you have no legal rights.
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Re: L series head or cam swap? help in melb might be needed.
Yeah I understand that about the a87 vs v91 etc.
When I readjusted my rocker clearance last time due to sounding like a deisel, cyl 3 was loose at the but, like more than hand tight loose. I tightened it up and set the specs to the tighter side of spec. It still makes a Slight tap on cyl 3 with a little sign of wear on the lobe. Hoping no valve damage from it.
That's why might be easier swap to recoed known head

Posted on: 2013/1/11 10:28
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