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Welcome to the Datsun 1200 home!
This is the place to talk about the Datsun 1200.
Share your info and experience, or search for it here, to make this the best resource of living knowledge for the Datsun 1200.

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Meetings : 1200's in GREECE
Posted by ang94541 on 2002/6/21 14:58:16 (2323 reads)

I've been in Athens, Greece for a week and I have only seen one 1200. A 4dr sedan. I've seen quite a few 120Y's and a couple of newer 1200 pick-ups(utes).
I'll be in Greece for another 2 weeks. I'll keep an eye out for more.
PS- Shasta in 3 weeks!! Fire-up your heaps!!

Meetings : Motorsport Auto Zcar National event.
Posted by Cel on 2002/5/4 20:13:27 (1667 reads)

To 1200 Fans,

I will attend the Motorsport Auto, Zcar National event, this Sunday in Orange, CA USA. The biggest gathering of Z's across the globe. To anyone who will attend, please introduce yourself, I would like to see faces.

My red 1200 will be at the show

Posted by flyby on 2002/5/2 13:13:26 (1924 reads)

Its back! DatNet, along with the Sydney Datsun Club will bring you Cruise III on May 5, 2002. The cruise will not be as commercial, in the way of sponsors and giveaways, but we will concentrate on where we go and how enjoyable we can make it. The focus of the cruise will be on location and routes, to help decide on a final run for the Nationals later this year.
DETAILS: First meeting point; 9:30am meeting at Burger King, cnr Cabramatta Rd and Cumberland Hwy (opposite the Cabramatta Golf Club) leave at 10am. Second meeting point; 10:45am at McDonalds at Thornleigh, Leaving approx. 11am, Heading through the Galston Gorge to Wisemans Ferry. We will cross the river on the ferry, making another possible stop on the other side of the river for others to re-group, then up to Gosford where we will find a place to end the run. Departure home at any given time via the expressway. Questions? E-mail

Meetings : All Datsun Meet @ Mt. Shasta 2002
Posted by ang94541 on 2002/3/5 9:07:14 (2275 reads)

NorCal UFO
Click on this site, goto events and select the Mt.Shasta meet for more info on this event.
The schedule and registration form are in .PDF format.

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