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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Datsun 1200 encyclopedia

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: General Information

Gazillions of articles about Nissan's B110 automobile

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    100+ Sunnys met at the Touge in 2006
Ponkotsu Sunny Meeting


Table Of Contents (Categories)

 * General Information
 * Maintenance
 * Emission Controls
 * Engine Mechanical
 * Engine Lubrication System
 * Cooling System
 * Fuel System
 * Engine Electrical System
 * Exhaust System
 * Engine Removal And Installation
 * Clutch
 * Transmission
 * Automatic Transmission
 * Driveshaft And Differential
 * Front Axle And Front Suspension
 * Rear Axle And Rear Suspension
 * Brake System
 * Wheel And Tire
 * Steering System
 * Body
 * Heating And Ventilation Systems
 * Air Conditioning
 * Body Electrical System
 * Service Equipment Tools, etc.
 * Help

Modification Contents

* Engine Modifications
* Suspension Modifications
* Brake Modifications
* Body Modifications
* Ignition Modifications

Closely Related Vehicles (Datsun B-Series Rear-wheel-drive)

* Datsun B10  Datsun 1000
* Datsun B210 Datsun 120Y/B-210
* Datsun B310 Datsun Sunny/Datsun 210
* Sunny Truck 1200 Pickup
* RWD Sunny model lines 

Racing (1/4 mile, circuit, rally, motorkhana, etc..)

* Racing mods, history and info


* User Community
* Featured Cars
* Meetings/Events
* the old 'Tech Section'

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