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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

1200s of John Wayland

From Datsun 1200 Club

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The Datsun 1200s of John Wayland

4006.jpg 299.jpg 84-00015.jpg


The Cars

2600 amp power rush...enough to break traction on a sticky drag track at speeds around 70 mph

#Blue Meanie | #White Zombie
1605.jpgAlbum click to view 299.jpgAlbum click to view

Both are 1972 models, both converted to electric power, and both kept in garages.

2-dr Sedans, of course.

I’ve had my blue 1200 since 1980 and my white one since 1985, and I still, never tire of them and always get a big smile on my face when I go play with my 1200’s.

The Man - Who is John Wayland?

John is an electric vehicle hobbyist and promoter from Portland, Oregon USA.

1594.jpgAlbum click to view

But more importantly :-) John is a Datsun 1200 fan and occasional member of this club (boltman336 now eVdude):

I am one of the world’s biggest fans of the Datsun 1200...what a terrific little car!

John is also a Datsun fan in general, having owned more than 80 Datsuns, including seventy-seven 510s, 'Purple Phase' show truck (Datsun 520) and 'Bay Blue (Datsun 521). He also has 'Red Beastie' an electric-powered '95 XtraCab Toyota truck with 120 mile range

From our Main Forum: John Wayland, an introduction:

I’m sure most of you know of Ron Folk’s 1200 sedan with the 6 cylinder turbo Z engine? That car is one I found in a wrecking yard for my brother, Chris Wayland. I’ve also had lots of fast 510 Datsuns, too, including a turbo 510 wagon that had an L20B pumped up with 18 pounds of boost, a roadster 5 speed, and a Nissan 4:38 posi rear end. I’ve had my share of V8s, owned a ‘78 [Porshce] 911 SC, and have played with rotaries, too. Electric power for me, was the next evolution.

Why 'Boltman336' and not 'Voltman336'?

When my 1200 was featured as the world's first electric soundoff car in the March '95 issue of 'Car Audio and Electronics' magazine, they did a cool picture of the car inside a hydroelectric dam, and made it look as if lightning bolts were coming from my hands...hence, 'Boltman'...the '336v' part is the voltage of the battery pack in my other 1200, White Zombie, my drag car.
boltman336* is also known as boltman97220 and John 'Plasma Boy' Wayland.

The 411 Horsepower L20B-powered 1200

821.jpgAlbum click to view

See also: L26

Ron Folck's 1200 (ex-Chris Wayland)
I’m sure most of you know of Ron Folk’s 1200 sedan with the 6 cylinder turbo Z engine? That car is one I found in a wrecking yard for my brother, Chris Wayland. He and I dropped an L20B into it, modified it for turbocharging, and jammed it with 31 lbs. of boost with a double pumper Holley 750 carb, and a tubbed the rear stuffed with a Ford 9 inch. This was back in the early 80’s, when the whole import drag racing scene wasn’t even around. We really blew the muscle car crowd’s minds with a four banger Datsun that kicked butt! The car’s best ET was somewhere around 11 seconds, if I recall correctly.

reference: John Wayland, an introduction

Blue Meanie

NOTE: Current specifications are listed at evalbum

127.jpgAlbum click to view

Blue Meanie was acquired by John in 1980 and eventually built as an audio 'sound-off' competition car.

I built my first [electric car], ‘Blue Meanie’, back in 1980, a primitive EV by today’s standards with just 48v of batteries and a small aircraft motor/generator. The first time I ‘hit it’, it layed rubber for 30 feet, but the zero rpm high torque of the 6 inch electric motor twisted the driveline and cracked the transmission case. Today, Blue Meanie is much more refined with 156 volts and 1200 amps of juice being fed to a robust 9 inch Advanced DC electric motor. The car is quick and fun, hitting 60 mph in about 8 seconds and running past 120 mph. Since 1980, it has never needed an oil change, antifreeze, a tune up, exhaust work, belts, hoses, or a trip to the DEQ [Oregon State Department of Environmental Quality test center] for a smog test. Blue Meanie was featured in ‘Car Audio and Electronics’ magazine in the March ‘95 issue, as the world’s only electric soundoff car. The car is still in immaculate shape and is my daily driver.
  • badgeless grill


  • back deck speakers


  • amps in 1200 sedan spare-tire location


  • Custom interior and e-meter gauges
  • Datsun 1200 coupe-style ammeter gauge

13600.jpgAlbum click to view


  • Drivetrain: Original Datsun 1200 4 speed transmission with clutch
  • Motor: Advanced DC FB-4001
  • System Voltage: 156 Volts
  • Range: 20-25 miles reliably, 37 miles pushing things!
  • Curb Weight: 2340 pounds
  • Suspension: Front and Rear competition anti-sway bars
  • Clutch: KC Tool 'Borris Style' racing clutch ('It vill not schlip!')
  • 13- Optima YellowTops, 156 volts
  • tilt-away front seats with access to under-seat mounted components
  • competition stereo system: 300 watt, 14 speaker (4 subs), AM/FM/DAT source unit and 10 disc CD changer
  • Aluminum adapters and motor mounts
  • Stainless steel used in all battery trays, brackets and supports, and in stereo component housings
  • Front suspension: Datsun 240Z front springs
  • Rear suspension: extra Datsun B210 rear leaf spring combined with stock springs
  • Tires: 175/70 R 13 GoodYear Invicta GLR (low rolling resistance)
  • remote controlled motorized rear battery tray


  • Controller: DC Power Systems 'Raptor' monster controller, 1200 amps @156 volts
  • Engine

778.jpgAlbum click to view

  • Paint: violet pearl over royal blue
  • Interior: found a wrecked Soob [Subaru] wagon with just 1500 miles on the clock that had 'as new' grey cloth seats that I scooped up in a hurry. These seats are shaped similar to the factory 1200 seats, but are far more supportive and look vaguely Recaro-like. I had the Soob rear seat cover fitted to the 1200 rear seat frame. With cutom door panels covered in grey cloth with violet vinyl insert, matching rear quarter panel covers, and salt & peper style grey carpet that also covers the kick panels, the Soob seats blend in nicely, and are still in mint condition today. A trio of MB Quart separates [speakers] are also mounted in each door, and they have custom painted grills that blend in well with the interior scheme.


The Ultimate in Stealth
Yes, there’s nothing quite as fun as crusin’ in Blue Meanie, pulling up to a light, and after the guy next to you looks over your little 1200 and the light changes and he stomps on his tricked out Honda, I blow him away with electric power, as the rear tires bite in after a bit of squealing, and I rocket away from the Honda like it has been put into reverse!

White Zombie

White Zombie is a 1972 Datsun 1200 2-door sedan. It is the world record holder for street legal electric vehicle, running the ¼ mile in 11.4 seconds @ 114 mph.

1604.jpg 4875.jpg

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