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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

5-Door Sports Sedan

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Datsun B310 | Documentation

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Title: 5-Door Sports Sedan - Sunny California [yellow woodie]
1979 Datsun B310 Sunny California WB310
Format:12 pages Size:unknown Publication Number:unspecified

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27259.jpg#cover 26971.jpg#2 26972.jpg#4 27262.jpg#6 27263.jpg#829623.jpg#9 27266.jpg#10 27260.jpg#back


1979 January
1979 March
1979 October


WB310 5-Door Sports Sedan - Sunny California - with NAPS
昭和54年3月 サニー カリフォルニア カタログ 1400 5ドア
27259.jpgAlbum 27259

Pages 2-3 New Style

New style
New appearance on the road in Japan!

26971.jpgAlbum 26971

Pages 4-5 California in California

26972.jpgAlbum 26972

  • roadside billboard: The ultimate Hollywood Book! Flesh and Fantasy
  • line of buses on the freeway
  • Sunny California in front of adobe house
  • Big wave surfing
  • Sunny California parked in front of San Francisco house
  • Sunny California pulling away from adobe house (milk truck left behind)
  • man walking dog in on palm-shaded walk in front of hi-rise apartment building
  • nine highschool girls in front of Sunny California (sign says "oil change & filter $9.95")
  • Sunny California on Golden Gate Bridge
  • sunny little girl
  • Sunny California on "the crookedest street in the world" Lombard Street (San Francisco)
  • Sunny California on San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge
  • Sunny California next to Powell & Market No. 19 cable car - San Francisco cable car system
  • kids riding bicycles in front of old house
  • Sunny Calfornia at the marina
  • Sunny Calfornia overtaking tanker truck
  • skater in skate park
  • Sunny Calfornia on freeway above downtown skyline
  • Sunny Calfornia on tree-line street
  • Sunny Calfornia with large family at abode-style townhome
  • Sunny Calfornia in front of the Transamerica Pyramid
  • Sunny Calfornia with roller-skating teens
  • (center) Sunny Calfornia with family at palm-studded park

Pages 6-7 Sports in Sports Car

27262.jpgAlbum 27262

Pages 8-9 Luxury & Mechanism


Condensed, one-room feeling.
This is the room of 5-door sports sedan.

27263.jpgAlbum 27263

* 1400cc engine
* McPherson Strut front suspension
* 4-line coil-sprung rear suspension
* Front disc/rear drum brakes
* Aluminum road wheel & radial tyre

Tough and easy 4 link suspension.
For passenger cars
Hard - mechanism.

27264.jpgAlbum 27264

3 models: SGL, GL, DX
27265.jpgAlbum 27265


Pages 10-11 Free, California

自在の、カリフォニア Free, California
27266.jpgAlbum 27266

Back Cover

27260.jpgAlbum 27260

colour detail
27261.jpgAlbum 27261

208 yellow
629 カッバー metallic
663 silver metallic
603 red metallic
216 white
MODEL seat ground
DX    vinyl leather
GL    brushed tricot (fabric)
SGL   luxury moquette 

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