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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Engine Mechanical

ARP bolt kits are popular for the A-series engine.


Rod Bolts

ARP Rod Bolts: See Rod Studs

Cylinder Head Studs

ARP cylinder head studs & nuts replace the stock Head Bolts.

* 202-4202 (early A12)
* 202-4203 (A14)

NOTE: 1974-up A12 and A14 use the same center (long) head bolt. So:

  • use #202-4202 (A12) for early engines A10 and pre-1974 A12
  • use #202-4203 (A14) for all late engines, including late A12, A12A, A13, A14, A15

ARP Web Site


Main Bearing Caps

ARP 202-5401a main bolt kit
Kameari Engine Works 202-5401A
Compare to Nissan Bolts
* 12293-18001 BOLT FIXING BEARING CAP (10)
 SEE Engine_block#Main_Bearing_Caps
 * A10/A12/A14/A15
 * L20/L24/L28
 * L16/L18/L20B
 * Z24E/Z24S/Z24I engines
 * KA24E
 * E15/E16

Flywheel Bolts

See Crankshaft#Flywheel Bolts

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