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Blue Lake

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Meetings

Blue Lake is the 2nd Datsun-Nissan meet of the Oregon Summer. Canby is in June, Blue Lake in August. This is a more laid-back event than Canby, it is a one day show & shine with a barbecue. Some say it is the best all-Datsun meet in the Pacific Northwest. Blue Lake Park admission is $5. If you'd like your car judged, it is optional at $15.


Next Meet

Next Blue Lake Meet:
2015 Sunday August 9
10am to 3pm

32th Annual Picnic - All Datsun/Nissan Show and Shine at Blue Lake Regional Park Presented by: Datsuns Northwest

Datsun/Nissan Show & Shine (with awards)

  • Bar-B-Que
  • Door Prize Raffle
  • Park Entrance Fee: $5/car
  • Car Registration: $15.00 (Registration includes Show/Raffle Ticket/1 Food Pass)
  • Additional Food Passes $5.00

For more information contact Dan Uphoff (360) 687-7235 or

Click for Interactive Map

For Park Directions and Details visit: Park web site

WARNING: No dogs allowed in the Park

First Blue Lake - 1984


Sunday August 14 saw the 28th Annual picnic. After morning clouds, it turned out a beautiful summer day.

ddgonzal's photo bucket (279 photos)

A USA record twelve 1200s were there, among other Nissan-Datsun
20110814104428DSC00685x.jpg 20110814104436DSC00686.jpg 20110814110951DSC00803.jpg

ddgonzal caravaning with the Datsun Roadster guys
20110814080855DSC04548.jpg 20110814092933DSC04572.jpg

silvia-specr's newest 1200
20110814104151DSC00681.jpg 20110814104206DSC00682.jpg 20110814104216DSC00683.jpg

White Zombie showed too

Gary_P's 1200 rallycross car:
20110814104742DSC00699.jpg 20110814110530DSC00772.jpg 20110814110613DSC00776.jpg 20110814125524DSC00954.jpg

Doug Morrison "Smurf" 1200 (ex-Scott car) running Wats:
20110814104938DSC00707.jpg 20110814125922DSC04581.jpg

Jerry Sallee's street/race 1200:
20110814104817DSC00703.jpg 20110814104834DSC00704.jpg 20110814104938DSC00707.jpg

Jerry's street 1200:
20110814110603DSC00774.jpg 20110814110558DSC00773.jpg

Jason's TRD 1200
20110814110920DSC00801.jpg 174_5d6f4c3942ebf.jpgPost 492458 174_5d6f4c44d3ef4.jpgPost 492458 174_5d6f4c5321c82.jpgPost 492458

RATDAT3's 1200
20110814113855DSC00882.jpg 20110814120653DSC00934-1.jpg 20110814120857DSC00935-1.jpg 20110814150849DSC00991.jpg

Coupe with Libre wheels:
20110814150435DSC00986.jpg 20110814150438DSC00987.jpg 20110814150443DSC00988.jpg


The Blue Lake show was good as always. We had a total of six 1200s this year. White Zombie and Blue Meanie both showed up while ddgonzal was conspicously absent for the first time in eight years. We heard a rumour that WZ ran a 10.4 in the 1/4 mile on july 31, 2010. From just a general count I would say around 220-230 cars there this year -- could it be that there were more than at Canby? A lot of new and different cars this year.

Forum Discussion

Our own silvia-specr drove his B10 2-dr sedan down and won best of show.

It was a Sunny Day

Jerry's 1200

ddgonza's (small) gallery

hoku777's 42 image gallery
DSC00737.jpg DSC00781.jpg DSC00780.jpg DSC00779.jpg DSC00778.jpg DSC00777.jpg DSC00776.jpg DSC00775.jpg DSC00765.jpg DSC00764.jpg DSC00754.jpg DSC00749.jpg DSC00748.jpg DSC00747.jpg DSC00746.jpg DSC00737.jpg

nismo_Dr's gallery (83 VGA images)
08082010800.jpg 08082010803.jpg 08082010807.jpg 08082010807.jpg 08082010784.jpg 08082010786.jpg 08082010788.jpg 08082010789.jpg 08082010790.jpg 08082010791.jpg 08082010792.jpg 08082010793.jpg 08082010795.jpg 08082010762.jpg 08082010739.jpg 08082010743.jpg 08082010744.jpg 08082010748.jpg 08082010749.jpg

datdoug's gallery (57 medium photos)
downsized_0808001229a.jpg downsized_0808001229.jpg downsized_0808001228a-1.jpg downsized_0808001228-1.jpg downsized_0808001227a-1.jpg downsized_0808001227-1.jpg downsized_0808001056a.jpg downsized_0808000856a.jpg downsized_0808001228a.jpg downsized_0808001228.jpg downsized_0808001227a.jpg downsized_0808001227.jpg downsized_0808001057b.jpg downsized_0808001057a.jpg downsized_0808001057.jpg downsized_0808001018b.jpg

Bleach Garage's Gallery (127 images)
xbluelake2010%20054b.jpg xbluelake2010%20065b.jpg xbluelake2010%20066b.jpg xbluelake2010%20068b.jpg xbluelake2010%20069b.jpg xbluelake2010%20070b.jpg xbluelake2010%20071b.jpg xbluelake2010%20072b.jpg xbluelake2010%20074b.jpg xbluelake2010%20075b.jpg xbluelake2010%20076b.jpg xbluelake2010%20080b.jpg xbluelake2010%20122b.jpg


The 2009 Blue Lake show was the best turn out since the Canby show split off back in 2005. There were about 100 Nissans showed up. It was another great Summer day in Oregon! It started nice and cool (overcast) and finished nice and hot. Nine 1200s showed, plus three B210s.


Photo Galleries


Sunday August 10, 2008 was was a beautiful day, about 72 degrees. About 100 cars showed at Blue Lake, Oregon, including nine sunnys:

  • 1 Datsun 1000
  • 5 Datsun 1200
  • 2 Datsun B210 Coupes
  • 1 Datsun B310 California Wagon

17040.jpgAlbum 17040 20080810143323DSC06682_640.jpg Forum Discussion

Bleach Garage

24th Annual Picnic - All Datsun/Nissan Show and Shine at Blue Lake Regional Park Presented by: Northwest Datsun Owners Association WHEN: SUNDAY August 10th, 10:00am to 3:00pm.

20080810174259DSC06704_640.jpg 20080810145727DSC06683_640.jpg 20080810115015DSC06641_640.jpg 20080810113709DSC06621_640.jpg

Sunny Pics!
bl100_7539.jpg bl100_7540.jpg bl100_7541.jpg bl100_7544.jpg bl100_7542.jpg bl100_7543.jpg bl100_7544b.jpg bl100_7544a.jpg bl100_7563.jpg bl100_7566.jpg bl100_7596.jpg bl100_7606.jpg bl100_7607.jpg bl100_7656.jpg bl100_7647.jpg bl100_7609.jpg

21000.jpg 22000.jpg 23000.jpg



A good show, although only three 1200 showed. However there were lots of other Datsuns to make up for it -- at least as big as the year before. There were caravans from Vancouver, Seattle and Tacoma down to Blue Lake.

2007 Recap & Pics
Ratsun Pics

13880.jpgAlbum click to view


13879.jpgAlbum click to view 13880.jpgAlbum click to view 13881.jpgAlbum click to view 13882.jpgAlbum click to view 13885.jpgAlbum click to view

Older Meets

See Blue Lake 2006-2002 

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