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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Brake Wiring

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Wiring

Dash Brake lamp lights up if there is a problem or if the parking brake is on.

21620.jpgAlbum 21620 26134.jpg


Brake Stop Lights

See: brake stop lamp wiring

Hand Brake Switch

Lamp switch for Hand Brake pull-handle was fitted to USA 1200s, Japan Sunny Truck staring 7510, and is fitted to newer Australia utes.

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The switch turns on the warning lamp

17020.jpgAlbum 17020

UTE: switch wire goes up back wall
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Brake Fluid Level Warning

Starting around 1976, Brake Master Cylinder caps were fitted with floats and electrical switches to warn of low brake fluid level.

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Pressure Loss Switch

A brake check switch is used on North American 1200s to signal if there is a problem with the brake pressure.

See Main Article: Warning_Light_Switch#Wiring


The BRAKE dash lamp is always connect to 12V when IGN switch is on. It only lights up when a switch grounds the bulb. A switch is fitted to the hand brake lever. When you pull the lever, it grounds the circuit.

  • G: Green wire from IGN fuse to dash cluster lamps
  • B: Black wire to main body earth bolt in engine compartment
  • Y/G: Yellow wire w/Green stripe, from switch to bulb, grounds the bulb

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(Most 1200s don't have the Check/Service Warning Light Switch)

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