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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Hand Brake

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Brake System

Datsun 1200 has a parking brake system with the handle conveniently located between the two front seats. Also known as "emergency brake", "parking brake" or "handbrake" (the primary brakes are called the "service brakes").
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74965 #Hand Brake Cover is called by Nissan the "parking brake lever COVER".
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36310 Hand Brake Lever Assembly (comes in black, brown and grey)

36315-H1001 GRIP-HAND BRAKE (Hand Brake Lever Handle)
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36402 front handbrake cable

The front cable is different lengths to suit different body shapes, there is some interchangeability but sometimes you end up too short

36402-H1025 CABLE ASSY-hand brake, front B110 supercedes 36402-H1001
36402-G1000 CABLE ASSY-hand brake, front B120 (up to 1973-11)

36400 rear cable (complete set)

UTE: Parking Brake Cable goes out the back wall
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Hand Brake Cover

74965-H1000 original type
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B210 cover also fits and is the offical supersession part.

Top: replacement part, same as B210 | Bottom: original B110 design
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Emu-skin cover
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Cable Routing

Front half is same for all 1200
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Rear half
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Ute - cable comes out the cab lower rear panel
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Warning Light

Dash-top Indicator Lamp

Some utes had a PARK BRAKE lamp on top of the dash that lit up when the handbrake was activated and IGN was ON.

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Light Switch

The light switch was added to the hand brake lever.



Parking Brake Lever

1972 USA Owners manual (Page 13 ... 13):

th_00_cover.jpg   th_13.jpg
When the parking brake is applied, the brake warning light will glow


Dash-top Lamp (AUSTRALIA)

Cluster Gauge Lamp (USA/late JAPAN)

Dash Lamp (early JAPAN)

Part Numbers

  • 74965-H7300 BOOTS-HAND BRAKE [Large style]
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    • replaced: 74965-H1000 BOOT-HAND BRAKE B110 [small style]
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  • 74965-H1000 COVER ASSY-PARKING BRAKE LEVER B120 8910-
  • 74965-G1060 B120 7804-8910 [Brown]
  • 36011-89901 SWITCH-HAND BRAKE USA
    • Also fits B210 USA
    • Also fits B210 JAPAN from '75-4

Aftermarket Cable

  • 48-1/4" Overall Length, 2 Per Car
  • RAYBESTOS BC92888 $39.79
  • ACDELCO 18P154, 18033072 $48.79

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2005 bakkie with Bench Seat has the hand brake lever next to the door.
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