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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Carburetor Changes

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Categories: Fuel System | Hitachi 306 Carburetor

The Datsun 1200 was fitted with Hitachi Carburetor DCG306 or DCH306.



DCG306 was equipped with a manual choke and choke cable.

DCG306-1 USA	
USA 16010-H1900 	
USA 16010-H1901	
DCG306-3A USA 16010-H1902 1070-
DCG306-3B? USA 16010-H1600	
DCG306-5A USA 16010-H1601 1070-
DCG306-5B USA 16010-H1602 0771-
DCG306-1A JDM 16010-H1001 7009-
DCG306-1B JDM 16010-H1002 7011-
DCG306-1C JDM 16010-H1003 7107-
DCG306-1D JDM 16010-H1004 7109-
DCG306-2 JDM 16010-H5001 B210 anti-dieseling solenoid


DCH306 was equipped with an electric automatic choke.

1972 06 Jun USA models fitted with the first automatic choke 
* DCH306-1B
1972 07 Jul USA models fitted with anti-dieseling solenoid 
* DCH306-4
16010-H3900 USA M/T DCH306-1  	
16010-H3901 USA M/T DCH306-1A 	
16010-H3902 USA M/T DCH306-1B -0672
USA M/T DCH306-2
* NOTE: DCG306 was manual choke B210 model		



For 1981 Japan, the Hitachi DCF306 is introduced, featuring vacuum-controlled secondaries, replaceable fuel bowl sight-glass, and modified fast-idle linkage.



For 1981 North American sunny models, the Hitachi DCR306 is introduced; an automatic choked version of the DCF306. The DCR also featured a vented fuel bowl and altitude Compensator.


DFC306 is an electrically controlled feedback carburetor, used on A12 engine for Sunny Truck beginning October 1989.

Laser Carburetor (DCT306)

Laser carb is a Hitachi DCT306, used on Mazda engines in the Mazda 323 and their badge engineered cousin, the Ford Laser. It is similar to the DCH306, but with a slightly different flange shape.

New Carburetor

The "New Carburetor, the Chinese-made "16010-H1602", is a clone of Hitachi DCG306 carburetor for Datsun 1200.